Always …my mom…

Dad's b'day

I honestly don’t remember how old I was when she told me she had enrolled in a computer class at the local community college.  I thought she was nuts!  But through the years, my mom has continued to set the bar high and be the role model of perfection….at least perfection in mom standards.  She is the reason I wanted to be a mom in the first place…always loving Dad first and best, and loving us as only a mom really can….unconditionally.

Dad's b'day #2

We still know how to play together….my dad created horseshoe pits in the back yard and she immediately initiated them by daring me to a game!  I think she even beat me!

M and Mom  cheek kiss

And she will forever be my mom….how I thank God for her!  So this one’s for you, Mom.  Thank you for making me want to love God, love my husband, and love my children….as only a mom can.

 I love you!

~Connie Lee


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