My Pet Peeve…..NFS

You know how it goes….

You finally have a day to wander aimlessly through that store you wanted to take a peek in weeks ago, and there it is….the perfect item to adorn your home!  You search for the price tag only to find that pest of a sticker….NFS (not for sale).  Or worse even are the words….”for display only”.  Really?!?

At Burlap & Lace, you will  never see those three letters coupled together, or those three words.  If it’s in the booth, it’s for sale!  That means display pieces, wall boards, you name it.  I promised long ago that if it’s going in the booth, I’m willing to sell it.  Besides, I’ve already confessed how I am drawn to change, so selling even my display pieces means I get to find new ones!

Only 2 days left before the winds of change blow through Burlap & Lace, bringing in the hint of a new season.  Won’t you “let me entertain you”?  Stay tuned to see what’s coming!

~ Connie


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