Sweet Exchange

The day began in a dismal sort of way…the fog was thick, and the rain began to drizzle as we made are way up Hwy 276 to the  Blue Ridge Parkway for a much-awaited hike.  My niece was visiting with 3 of her college friends and the request was that we take them to one of our favorite hiking spots.  It was October, and you never knew what to expect this time of year from the weather; nevertheless, off we headed for Sam’s Knob – absolutely one of my favorite hikes in the Pisgah National Forest.

We retreated from the warmth of the truck’s cab and began our hike across the meadow…


 I had bragged to the girls about this hike and the 360 degree view from the top.  I couldn’t wait to share it with them!  On we trudged….


We literally were starting to walk through a thick mist, and as we looked to the top of the mountain where we were headed, the view did not seem to be improving much!


Not to be discouraged, we took advantage of every view we could possibly find…surely there was at least one out there somewhere!



Arriving at the top, the girls were good sports and let me take their picture against the backdrop  of fog all around us.


Just then, the most amazing thing happened with that fog….


The thickness turned into wisps, and the wind blew back the covering until what was left was –


beauty beyond description!

We experienced a sweet exchange that day….the fog for the October blue sky!  And I am reminded once again of the sweetest exchange ever made for  us….Jesus’s life for ours.

On Sunday night, I am having a “Sweet Exchange” at my home where we will trade unwanted household goods for ones we do want!  In a way, that is the very picture of Jesus trading His life for mine….mine was used up and of little value until He made the exchange.  Now my life is full of purpose, joy and praise!

Thanks be to God, Who alone deserves the glory.


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