Did any of you ever watch The Lucy Show?  If so, you know the line….”Lucy!  You’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!”  I am in that boat with Lucille Ball tonight, and wish to confess something to you.  I hear confession is good for the soul, and I believe in good health!

In my anxiousness for expansion of Burlap & Lace, I did something I knew not to do so quickly, but I ignored that “still, small voice” and put my hands over my ears as I signed the contract on a second booth space in a second location in town.  There was so much that  didn’t play into that decision….such as discussing it with my husband first, and waiting to see if this was the right place.  It so happens that my husband is an amazing man, and while he was not unhappy with me for the decision (once I told him what I had done), I wrestled over it all night after signing the contract on my new space.  In fact, God gave me a dream that has yet to leave me, and it was so very astounding that I carried it with me to church Sunday morning.

Our youth pastor spoke Sunday, and his sermon on being a hypocrite didn’t begin to sting me until I was home and still thinking about my dream.  It was then that I realized that I needed to talk again with my husband, and to tell him that I had tried to make this expansion sound so good to him that I was even deceiving myself into thinking it was the right thing…at the right time.

Why do I choose to share that with you? Because obedience matters.  And it costs us something.

For me, the cost was submitting to the authority God has placed over me (my husband), knowing that He has done so for my own good!  Expansion may still come, but it will be when the timing is right, and after I have learned obedience through the things I suffer.  (And lest you misunderstand, listening to my husband is not suffering –  Losing the money I had put down in rent on the space is!  Not to mention the loss of peace in my hasty decision to take on that second space!)

You will still find me at Country Creations…happily decorating my booth space and probably even singing while I do so!  It’s where God led me, and where He has blessed the fruit of my labor.  To Him be the glory…forever.

I challenge you to look at your own life, and see where obedience needs to play out, before it costs you more than you can pay.  And remember this…Jesus really did pay it all…His life, for yours.  I dare say He is trustworthy to follow, and to obey.


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