Organizational Bliss!


Moma love….there’s nothing like it!

My mom can run circles around any other mom there is or ever has been, and she has taught me so much about so many things that I wouldn’t even know where to begin the list.  So I’ve picked one attribute of her thousand talents to showcase with her this month….her organizational skills.  And I have chosen to call it (for myself) organizational bliss because it is truly so wonderful at the end of a day to feel organized….in my thoughts as well as in my home!



I just love this organizational board, and was tempted not to share it with you this month so that I could keep my ever-growing pictures of ideas, my to-do lists and my pictures of my family on it!  But tempted as I was, I have chosen to “let it go” in my booth this month, hoping that whomever takes it home to be theirs will love using it as much as I believe I would!

IMG_4373Let’s start with a little office organization, since that’s the area I first came to love from my mom’s skills.  Unlike other little girls my age, as a child I would wonder into mom’s office to “play office” with her, using her adding machine, a notepad, pen and a fake cash drawer….all set up in her office on a cardtable just for me!

As I have grown, I still love perusing the isles of office stores looking for organizational treasures.  My love for vintage wares led me to find this metal file tray not long ago and this enlarged paperclip, both to which I was instantly drawn!  The rusty tins in the background are actually bread boxes, but I can envision them keeping my office shelves looking great while adding useful storage for pens, pencils, adding machine paper rolls, you name it!   The basket sitting atop them would be ideal for adding outgoing mail and for clipping keys to the hooks.



The bath is my next focal point, and I must tell you that this Pears Soap print in the vintage frame is a particular favorite of mine.  Sitting beneath the print is a table that would fit perfectly in a bath, holding towels beneath.  And if a bath doesn’t suit you for it, then why not put it in your den area to hold magazines?  The hobnail lamp and black shade make a stunning ensemble, don’t you think?




Moving from bath to kitchen, take a look at this vintage kitchen table, in near perfect condition!


This is sure to be my favorite piece this month…and with it we will move into the kitchen, which as an adult has become my favorite “play” place!


Any mom boosting cookies when her kids come home from school is sure to win a hug or two, but when the children get to pop open the turkey for them, why what could be more entertaining?!?

Choose from an assortment of kitchen goodies this month….from platters to chargers, to ice buckets or wine racks, canisters, wisks, baskets….the list is long and the choices many!




Have you seen the trend with the roosters?  I happen to believe they are charming little creatures…at least when you find them in the kitchen!





This baker’s rack holds some of my favorite finds this month….baker’s rack included!  As a reminder, you will never find a NFS tag in my booth!  So don’t forget to look at the things you would normally view as display pieces in other booths.  The large vintage Sunbeam bread box sitting on the top shelf is perfect for holding your recipe books.  And I still use vintage tins in my kitchen to hold snack bars and cookies.  The picnic tote on the shelf brings back fond memories to me of Sunday afternoon picnics with my grandparents.  And the enamelware tub on the bottom shelf would be the perfect holder for those summertime beverages on your deck, don’t you think?!?

Don’t let your imagination stop in the kitchen, though.  This vintage trunk – again, almost in perfect condition – would house blankets in storage for those winter wonderland days.  There are actually two trunks to choose from this month…so check them both out!




As you leave the booth, why not take a load off in this chair, and grab a business card to give to a friend?  Let your mind settle into organizational wonderland, and meet me back in a week or two on the Facebook Page for Main Street Market Shops to see what new items have been added.  Until then, happy organizing!

~ Connie



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