Inventory reduction/reorganization sale coming Aug. 30!

IMG_0201Growing piles in my husband’s shed prompted the idea….
IMG_0202A Burlap & Lace Home Sale seemed to be just the ticket to clear out inventory and reorganize for the months ahead….so that’s just what is in store at my home on Sunday, August 30 from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m.

But as I pondered on the idea, I reasoned that I shouldn’t just offer these great prices on my home items, but on the items already in my booth space at Main Street Market Shops!  So I have drastically slashed prices there too in order to make way for some really great, new things upcoming!

IMG_0206This beautiful piece didn’t even make it in the front door before it was bought!

IMG_0400But don’t worry…there are still fun items to choose from at Main Street!  Lamps, lamps and more lamps….not any priced for more than $30 and most under $15!  Better hurry in…at these prices they won’t last for long!

IMG_0403And there are some fun new furniture pieces as well….

So whether you shop at Main Street Market Shops, or come to the home sale/yard sale, you are sure to go away happy!

See you soon, and happy shopping!



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