Sizzling Summer gives way to Fall Prelude

IMG_0661We know that Fall is upon us as the breezes stir  and whisper their gentle rustling through the drying leaves of the turning trees.  Ummm…I can almost smell the leaves as they crunch beneath my feet on the forest floor.  I love this time of year!

Still, the summer heat draws me again to my garden where I grasp hold of the last bits of bliss from that bit of heaven on earth for me….


For that reason, you will find brushes of Fall at Burlap & Lace this month, mingled in with the last hints of summer bliss.  From watering cans to Fall decor, there is plenty to whet your appetite for the smell of forest fires while grasping hold of the last hints of summer.


This red metal bench is among my favorite this month….planted beneath a towering tree, it would be the perfect spot for reading or visiting with the birds in your backyard.

IMG_0623And I am pretty sure there are still a couple bluebirds in search of a home….these are handmade by my father, complete with hardware for hanging!


You will find a pumpkin or two here this month….getting us ready for that Thanksgiving season yet to come….


Or how about some dried apples to grace your table setting?  Perched upon this vintage shoe-fitter’s stool, don’t overlook the old trunk nestled underneath.  Quite a find!

IMG_0629The basket spilling forth fall flowers would be perfect to hold your magazines.


This pretty side table would pare well in a living area or beside a bed.


And why not go ahead and grab a hand-crocheted hat for your baby before those cold winds start to blow?  Let me show you the perfect model….my granddaughter…..


And there is always a selection of glassware and china to choose from at Burlap & Lace….



So as you dream of the cooler nights and long to hold on to summer’s warmth, why not visit Burlap & Lace and indulge in both seasons all at once?  I know you will want to linger long….

Until we meet again,



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