Burlap & Lace rings in the New Year … soon!

Burlap IMG_3150& Lace will be ringing in the New Year in early January by designing “Spaces of Intrigue” in and around your home.  Every month in 2016, I will feature creative design venues as well as offer decorating techniques and tips, motivating you to re-purpose items in your own home that may have been neglected or discarded for way too long.

Not only will items be showcased here on my blog that are for sale at my shop (located in the window space at Main Street Market Shops in Brevard, NC), but I will walk you through my own process of Spring cleaning and renovation in our mountain home/retreat.  My desire is that we will enjoy this journey together, and at the end of the  year, we will have finished and delighted in many successful and fun redecorating endeavors.  I even hope you will share your own pictures and success stories with me!

To start off our journey into January, Burlap & Lace will be welcoming in the Bliss of Winter with ideas and tips for creating a fabulous and cozy kitchen and dining area.  Having put all of the holiday baking and festivities behind us,  we will explore ways to get our kitchens spruced up again and ready to welcome in friends and family throughout the coming year.  Not one of us will have time to give a glance to the winter blahs because we will be too busy having fun in our kitchens!

As you tug down the Christmas blitz and bling,  pull on those creative juices to look at your rooms in a whole new light as we approach 2016.  My suggestion?  Guard against the temptation to simply put everything back in order just the way it was prior to decorating for the holidays.  Let me help you tackle one room at a time to get a new look and outlook for 2016.

So take the next two weeks to simply breathe after the holidays, but get ready to push up those sleeves and duck your head into those kitchen cabinets with me.  I dare you not to enjoy this adventure!

Check back here around January 6th…. we will start with a window view into my own cozy kitchen straight out of the 70’s and see what can be done to add vintage charm and appeal and to gain an updated look….in your kitchen as well as in mine!  And if your kitchen has been recently updated, no worries.  There’s always room for some tips on cleaning out and reorganizing!

See you in the New Year!  Blessings to you and yours.

~ Connie


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