IMG_2048Rooms of intrigue….that’s where we begin as February ends and  March winds blow in around us.  Doesn’t just the sound of that make you want to jump right in and find out what’s so intriguing about Burlap & Lace?

As I’ve told you, spring cleaning has begun at my home, and with it comes a refreshment that I would like to offer to you for your home as well.  So March begins with intriguing baths and bedrooms….not leaving behind the nostalgia and bliss of vintage appeal, but adding to it a “newness” that will set off your decorating with pizzazz!  So let’s see what’s awaiting you at Main Street Market Shops…

IMG_2052Vanity, oh vanity!  And so I have offered you two to begin with this month….vanities to appeal to the little girl inside, or the young woman as well.  This is my personal favorite….so lightweight and portable, yet not without its stable curves and charm!  This piece is perfect for your bedroom, bath, guest room or child’s room.  The mirror swivels up and down to adjust to your height…a clever feature I dare say.  The top is white, though I have covered it here with a table scarf.  Had I not been so excited to get it in the booth, I probably would have substituted the top for a wooden one, but should it not sell quickly…well, now I’ve given away my secret!

Perched beneath the table is a basket perfect for your towels or magazines, and what bath doesn’t have both?

IMG_2054Who says towels can’t be displayed in a manner that’s both attractive and useful?  My personal favorite way to do so is the use of baskets.  You will find many styles and shapes here this month…

IMG_2049Again, the perfect bath piece is a shelf unit for towels and other “essentials”.  Focusing on blue and green hues (with, of course, other splashes of color mixed throughout), this piece makes a stunning statement for your bath, OR your bedroom.

IMG_2043This table is a must!  It’s actually a vintage sewing accessory table, boasting a lift-top lid that houses a removable drawer with 4 compartments and more storage space beneath.  Painted a chippy white, it offers appeal to any room.

IMG_2038Moving on to the bedroom, this dresser adds that “touch of black” to your room that brings in balance and structure, not to mention style.  Priced at only $185, this piece won’t be here long!

IMG_2061Not all baskets have to be wicker, you know.  This one is metal, slightly rusted to give it a vintage look, and would be perfect for washcloths, a plant or to use as a small waste basket.

IMG_2039One of my favorite new additions to my own home space is a vintage ironing board such as this one.  Draped in a woven dresser scarf and topped with a lamp and a few “pretties”, this piece not only functions well as a side table, but makes a statement all its own.

And don’t forget to check out the chippy-green side table next to the chair.  I especially love that the corners of the table are “caddied”!

IMG_2068This antique high chair can not only be used as it’s intended purpose (it’s quite sturdy and in excellent condition!), but it doubles nicely as a side table for books, a lamp or a plant in any room.

IMG_2050Easter is upon us, so why not dress up your rooms early with a wreath, or a rabbit?  There are several to choose from.  And remember that thinking outside of the box means not every wreath has to be hung…

IMG_2042Why not grace a table with a wreath used to display a candle?

Hop on down to Main Street Market shops today and climb up into that window space!  There are items marked down as well, so be sure to look for those as you poke around! Let me leave you with a preview of other items you will find along the way.  Merchandise is updated weekly, so if you see something you like, don’t wait…it might not be here the next time you stop in!

Blessings, and happy shopping!


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