All Things New

IMG_2162As I write to you this evening, many changes are underway, and this sign I have strategically placed on the love seat in the window of Burlap & Lace really sums it up for me…

There are still many things to browse about and see/purchase in the window space at Main Street Market Shops, but after much prayer (and admittedly a stubborn streak that was hard in letting go), I have decided to “close up shop” at Main Street Market Shops on April 30, 2016.

Our home life is changing again as my husband prepares for retirement soon to come.  And our youngest son is graduating from graduate school and getting married within two weeks of each other in May.  Other things not yet time to reveal are also taking place in our home, and with the decision to bring Burlap & Lace back home for a season, I have much peace.

So what does that mean for you followers/shoppers?  Good news actually!  For the next two months, if you see it in the window at Main Street Market Shops & want it, my advice would be not to wait!  Everything will come out on April 30 and no, there will not be sales underway this time.

IMG_2144I only choose pieces for my booth space that I would want in my home, you see.  So if it doesn’t sale, no worries!  My journey with you will continue as I work on renovating our home in the months ahead.  I will be blogging about that and continuing to offer you ideas for creative ways to manage your space, decorate with a new vision, and shop for the best buys.  I think you may even enjoy this journey more with me because I will be allowing you deeper access into the crevices of my heart as we journey.

I am still determined to finish writing the book I have started, so time at home will allow me that opportunity as well.  But most importantly, I will be reuniting into the “job” I love most….being a homemaker and wife/mom.

I hope you will continue to follow my blog, and message me when you have questions or ideas to share!  I will – from time to time – be offering home sales so if you keep up with me here, you won’t miss out on the fun!  I know that after the wedding in May I will have some lovely things to share with you!

So let’s get back to Main Street for now and what you will find there as you wander in this week!

IMG_2115Easter decorations await a new home….IMG_2155Wreaths, bunnies….IMG_2041I do want to showcase this love seat…IMG_2112In a soft beige color, there’s not a room this wouldn’t grace!

IMG_2146Be sure and check out the linens and furniture pieces.  This wooden table has been marked down…the perfect item to tuck into the corner of your bedroom or den.

IMG_2156With summer on its way, this table piece is marked at an unbelievable price and would make a lovely centerpiece on your dining room or patio table, especially with the fresh flowers of the season!

IMG_2136Every month I have a “favorite” find…this metal sink rivals the vanity…IMG_2052This piece is so lightweight, yet so versatile in that it would work in a child’s room or a bathroom, or a guestroom.  Pick the spot!IMG_2130And just as a reminder….time is running out for Burlap & Lace at Main Street Market Shops!  I hope you will stop in soon and enjoy my happy place.

~Blessings, Connie

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