A Deepening Love for the Unlovely

IMG_2420This is my new “happy place”…The Tin Roof Antique Market located on Brevard Road just a hop, skip and jump from the Outlet Mall.  To be sure, you are likely to see plenty of items for sale here that are “lovely”.  But what about the unlovely things?  Be sure they will be here too, but you won’t recognize them as unlovely! And I’ll bet your love for these items will grow as you linger over the stories behind them….

IMG_2421Some wouldn’t think of putting this metal sink table anywhere near their home…but as is my way, I like to think outside the box, which means that I see this with a lot of “story” behind it, and even more “story” waiting to be told….when it finds its new home in your home!

Imagine that it sits outside your back door to be used as a washing station for those grimy little hands (and big ones too!) before they come inside after helping mommy plant flowers in her garden.  The side towel bars are perfect to hang a hand towel from, and the bottom shelf could easily be a place for a lovely potted plant.  Just dump the dirty water from the sink bowl out onto the plant after hand-washing!

Or use it indoors in a bathroom to hold your towels (bath towels folded underneath, even perhaps displayed in a wicker basket), hand towels and washcloths rolled up and displayed for a quick grab in the basin, silver pitcher full of fresh picked flowers adorning the back corner.  Ummm….how I wish my bathroom were larger!  Then this piece would not even have made it into the booth this month!  It has just been discounted from $220 to $145.  And yes, it is indeed an antique!

IMG_2458Besides all the lovely display pieces you will find, don’t overlook the “unlovely” crates!  Originally $40 each, they are discounted to $20 each.  Stacked to make shelving against a wall in your home, or used in your child’s room with the addition of wheels on the bottom to make a great rolling toy caddy, the functionality of these crates will long outlast the crates themselves!

IMG_2453Hand-painted signs are unbelievably priced…this one at just $21!  They all have a meaning that is especially important to me.  God created us each individually, for His purposes and His glory.  Be who you are!  You are beautiful!

IMG_2448Birdbaths aren’t just for the birds anymore! With the addition of a glass top, why not perch this on a patio beside your favorite chair?  It’d make a dandy place for that glass of lemonade or morning cup of coffee!  Only $75 for this birdbath-turned-table.   And when you no longer want it indoors, then find a resting place for it in your garden!

IMG_0953Lovely young ladies singing lovely songs to their furry friends…kinda makes you smile, yes?

As you wander through Burlap & Lace, keep in mind that everything here was chosen….just as you were chosen by the Creator of the entire universe!  God sees the lovely in you…go ahead and stroll through this month keeping your eyes open for that treasure that is every bit as rare a find as you are!

God so loves you….His lovely creation!

Blessings –



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