Digging deep….

IMG_2629Pushing the shovel deep into the soil with a thrust I thought only my husband could muster, my thoughts came to the surface with the dirt.  “Be in the world, but not of it.”  Well being “in” it was tough without being “of” it, I pondered.

You see, I lived so much of my life being “of” the world….drinking, cursing, playing the harlot…that I have come to know full well how important it is to separate myself from the temptations that used to pull me into that downward spiral of what we have come to call “sin”.   I, however, like to call it what it truly is….drinking, cursing, playing the harlot…I think the word “sin” has become much like the word “love”….overused and totally without a second thought of its meaning.

I knelt to push the tender plant deep into the soil, covering the roots and then watering it.  My thoughts continued….

The church (the building with its people calling themselves Christians) pushed me out a long time ago, taking me away from the calling on my heart to minister to women, helping them heal of wounds through prayer and care, planting the Word of God into the very fiber of their being as I was planting it first into my own life.

I was bitter for a time, but I have come to breathe a huge “thank you”.  You see, had I not been driven away from the women’s ministry at our local church, I would never have gone into the world, seeking where God might use me….and as He would do, He led me straight to countless women who (like I had been) needed to know the love of Christ without the condemnation of those who called themselves Christ-followers.

Oh, I’m sorry….I stepped into the miry clay, didn’t I?  Gardening is often messy work…

I stood to survey my planting….the richness of the tender plants poking their heads up toward the sun brought  a smile to my face.  I was confident that they would grow strong and provide food for our household.

And I am confident that every time God leads me to another woman that He knows could use His Sonshine, that in time, they too will grow strong in Him, and provide food for their own households….Jesus, the bread of life.

Gardening brings me great joy.  So does embracing each and every friendship God has given me to enjoy.

If you are reading this, likely you are one of the women God has blessed my life with knowing.  Thank you, for allowing me to plant a seed that another will water, knowing that  God will give the increase.

Be assured that you have also planted in my life…and I can’t wait to see the fullness of the grown plant one day!  Let’s keep journeying together “in the world”, but not being “of it”.




One thought on “Digging deep….

  1. Hi Connie, I love your heart for ladies and I know God continues to use you in the lives of many people. I love you.  Praying for God to bless your business in your new place, and also for you and Mitch as you are in the home stretch for Mitch’s wedding.  I know it will be a beautiful day. Have a blessed day! Sheila AlewineAround The Corner Ministries330 Mountain Valley DriveHendersonville, NC 28739(828) 551-0282www.AroundTheCornerMinistries.orgVisit My Blog: http://www.passionpursued.blogspot.com

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