Team Work don’t Seem Work!

I coined that statement from a long-ago coworker of mine, and I use it often.  So why not apply it to what we have going on at The Tin Roof Antique Market?!?

IMG_4104Meet Tracylee….designer, artist, interior decorator….you name it…she’s got it going on!  Tracylee has hands down encouraged me the most during my venture into The Tin Roof…with her words and hugs, but also with her contagious spirit of enthusiasm and design.   And this is how she describes herself….IMG_4107Kinda makes you want to sit down with her a while and catch the coattails of her vision, doesn’t it?  Think about it….taking the broken to beautiful reminds me of exactly what Christ has done in me!  The lost to found…yep, that’s me as well!  The forgotten…well, good news is Jesus never forgets us!  He has our name inscribed on the palm of His hands!

But sentimental I am, so let’s cap off this journey together at The Tin Roof in August by allowing me to showcase a few of our other vendors…(and forgive me that I can’t name them all yet, as I still have quite a few to meet!)…

Tracylee has taken some beautiful wooden “neglects” and turned them into masterpieces with her artistry and technique.  This piece is calling me….not as a desk so much, but as a piece for the end of my bed.  As she described and I completely agreed, why not tuck a basket underneath it to hold your winter throws, then use the top as a place to perch while putting on shoes?  Even throw a suitcase on top when your friends come to visit.  In antique white, it would fit in any room!

IMG_4109Kimberly is all about fashion…capturing the vintage look and giving it a twist as she puts it to use in this day and time.  But clothing is not her only appeal!  Check out the other finds she has tucked away in her space…

IMG_4110This booth is one you have to walk through one way, then turn around and walk the other way just to take it all in…from glassware to furniture pieces to lighting oddities to….well you name it!

IMG_4111Love, love, love this folding picnic table!  And the vintage cloth is nearly flawless!  The enamel table with the sewing machine base in the backdrop is another favorite of mine.  And look in the very back of the picture to what brings the music to your soul as you shop….Melissa (shop owner) has crafted a cooler right into this vintage stereo!  What a clever way to host a brilliant party for your friends!  And when the entertaining is over for the night, simply close the lid and put your pretties back on top for an eclectic twist to your living space!  Now you can barely make it out in this picture, but there is even an old organ made into a bar!  Truly, you have to see this piece to fall in love with it as I have!  If only my living space were large enough to boast this….

Burlap & Lace even has a few things to show you this month….and more to come soon!IMG_4077Take a fresh look at these crates made into wall shelves.  I think the thing I love most about these is that they are easy to change around if you get tired of them looking a certain way or holding a certain space in your home!  (Or am I the only one who embraces change that way?)  I might note that many of the things you see here will be “leaving” The Tin Roof in a few weeks in order to bring in totally new inventory.  Those of you who know me well know by now that I like to switch things up often, so if you see it, you’d best get it before it’s gone!

IMG_4052This server’s cart and tray have been shown to you before, but I’m not sure they will keep their post here much longer.  The awesomeness of this piece is threefold:  (1) it folds if you want to store it out of the way (but why would you?  It makes a lovely side table for a bed or a wonderful cart for your kitchen or office area.)  (2)  It has two detachable serving trays…the one standing in front with the crown in the middle of it and the one attached to the cart.  That one has legs so that you can use it as a bed tray!  How clever is that?!  and (3)  It has the ability to have wheels added to it so that it can be a rolling cart for your patio.  Truly, I may just incorporate this piece into my own home if it stays here much longer!

IMG_4051It’s been told to you before that I don’t put things in my space that I wouldn’t want in my own home.  Such is the case of this awesome, round table!  Its legs are detachable from the table top, so it is actually 3 pieces, making it very easy to move.  The top has a scalloped edge (my favorite part!), but as you can see, you can dress this table up with a round cloth should you so desire.   Chairs will easily fit around it, giving space for a lovely setting for 4.  I used this table at my niece’s wedding last summer to hold her wedding cake!

The birdbath topping the table might also find its way back to my home!  I love that it’s smaller than most, and the pineapple is a southern sign of hospitality, which also speaks to me.  I would easily use it in my garden space as it was intended, but I would also from time to time change it up to use on my side patio as a table beside a chair to hold my summer peach tea!  It comes with the round glass top included.

IMG_4049Okay, let your eyes feast through this photo….this picnic table could be used as a farm table indoors, or a picnic table outside.  I personally would bring it in!  There are so many ways to use this table…you will see more ideas in the blogs to follow this one (after I make my way to the booth next week to give it a face lift!).  I have reduced the glass cake plates, but soon they will leave to find their home elsewhere as well.  My fav is the silver turntable with the glass top.  These two are priced separately (the glass top being only $4!).  All others come as a set.  There are still a few silver-plated pitchers to choose from, so get yours before they are all picked over!

IMG_3985This antique desk is solid wood and boasts the original hardware….obviously it could be used as a desk, but why not put your sewing machine on top and use it as a sewing table?  Or fill it with writing paper and top it with an old typewriter (or even a modern day laptop!) to make a wonderful writing desk for that aspiring writer in the family, or the guest who is visiting?

IMG_3896Such a sweet little dresser this is!  I always have my favorites about a piece, and this one is its rolling wheels.  Again, this makes it easy to move about.  The small stature makes it perfect in a dining area to hold your table linens, or in a child’s bedroom to hold all the necessities of a little one!

IMG_4053Architectural pieces delight my eyes…and this one would be amazing over a bed as a headboard.  Or top a fireplace mantle with it, or patio doors.  It has a hanger for ease.

So as the “team” comes together at The Tin Roof Antique Market, you can easily see that
“team work don’t seem work” as you meet the vendors and see their creative juices flowing from their hearts into your home!  Let us help you make those updates to your own living spaces today….you’ll love bringing our teamwork into your home!





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