New beginnings…from old memories


If you’ve been with me any time at all, then you have met both the Burlap and the Lace behind the business name.  My sister, Sandy, will forever be my best friend for so many reasons.   Always the lace….grace covers her and flows from her.  Oh how I love my sister!

We’re the perfect combination, Sandy and me.  Because of her, I can take a silver water pitcher and lace it literally with Queen Anne’s lace and hydrangeas.  Yet the rustic side of me can nestle in tree logs, moss and ceramic birds, intermingled with the vintage tablecloths we both love and there you have it….the perfect blend of the two of us.  It’s how the business was inspired, and how it has thrived now for over 6 years.

As new beginnings are just around the corner for Burlap & Lace, you may ask what that means exactly?

I’m smiling, because I am still praying about the answer to that question!  I just know that when Burlap & Lace returns, it will be the perfect match of the elegant and beautiful her mingled with the rustic and eclectic me.  In what way and form?  That is yet to be determined!

So walk down memory lane with me a bit, won’t you?

I adore the photo of us in my sister’s kitchen before her daughter’s wedding shower.  We were to dress in vintage clothing, and the styles we chose sure did express our personalities to the tee!  She looks a bit like June Cleaver, yes?  And I am the perfect replica of Carol Brady, don’t you agree?!?

Our styles and mode of dress may differ drastically (her the lace and me the burlap), but our love for the classic, the worn and tattered for the outdoors and the antiques go hand in hand.

I feel like breaking into song…”these are a few of my favorite things”….  From above, you see my tastes of floral arrangements, mixing the vintage with the fresh and new, my favorite flowers (daisies), my favorite colors (pink and green), my favorite holiday (Christmas) and simply a few of my favorite displays through the years.

Now for the signs  and wall art that gave me my start….and that I still enjoy creating…

And what about taking those forgotten but treasured furniture pieces and transforming them?


Where will the Lord lead me now?  Again I am smiling.  The journey of faith is a fun ride friends!  I pray you will stay with me as I begin walking it out and letting go of the familiar, ready to embrace what is  new and to come.

Be sure of this…whatever it will be….God will be glorified in and through it!  Because He is the sole reason I do any of it.



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