The Thrill of the Hunt

img_4469The question I am asked the most is, “Where do you find your items that you sell?!?”  My answer is always the same….my grandma’s attic, my neighbor’s closet, yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, antique stores, Goodwill even.  Surprised?

For me, it’s all about the thrill of the hunt.  I love a good find as much as you do!  And what that means is that you rarely find two-of-a-kind items in my shop.  If I succeed in finding  two or more items that are alike, I am likely to re-purpose them or display them in totally different ways.  So if you see something you like within the walls of Burlap & Lace, don’t think you’ll see the same item again in a month or two, because when I tire of something, then I give it to Goodwill or find another way to re-purpose it even better than the first!

To be clear, that is why my prices are my best offer to you, the buyer.  I like going into a shop and knowing I will find quality items at prices I can afford.  I want you to find the same.  And if you see two things that do happen to be identical or nearly so with different prices, likely I found them at different locations and paid different prices for them, thus bringing my best price to you.

My mantra is that you will not find a NFS sticker in my shop, or a “not for sale at this time” sticker.  If it’s not attached to the building, it’s for sale!

My focus this month is on wall art….can’t wait to bring you my favorites at Vintage Market Days of Asheville  March 17-19!  Until then…



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