The slow process of healing

IMG_9663It wasn’t a slip on the ice that broke my foot…..and it wasn’t sky diving (as my HubE has tried to say)….

IMG_9414It wasn’t even those old, worn out shoes!

164394722My problem was housework!  And more specifically, laundry….and not knowing how to properly carry the sheets thrown from the bed to the floor without getting my feet tangled in them!

Happy to say, though, that the appointment this week with the surgeon showed that bone growth had begun!!!! And my goal now is to keep from having surgery by limiting my walking, my driving, my stair climbing, and generally all forms of activity that are pleasing to me and my business genes!

So as you come into Burlap & Lace from now through the end of the year, you will not see as many new large items moved from room to room, nor will you find as much attention to the upper rooms of the shop.  Nevertheless, you will still find a welcoming smile, great shopping deals and soothing music while you wander through the rooms of this ‘ol house.

And maybe – like me – you will find that healing, albeit sometimes slow, is indeed purposefully working, even when you can’t see it.  I challenge you to ask yourself where in your own life, bones, mind and family/friend relationships do you long to see healing?  You don’t have to have a broken bone to need a healing work.  We all have fragmented parts in our stories….so go on… your heart and ask the Lord to reveal to you what needs healing in your life this Christmas season, then sit back and watch Him work.  He is so faithful……