Winter growth

“Why is Winter so hard for me, Lord?”

It was a question I just asked recently, but one that I’ve asked many times before.  Only this time, I heard the answer.  So tenderly, my heavenly Father unfolded to me that Winter is the time for growth…..growth that is not readily seen until the Spring comes.  But growth, nonetheless.

In January of 2017, the growing pains began.  No….truth be told, they started sometime around October of that same year.  I was happily working in a local Bed & Breakfast in Mills River where I had been for the past 3 years.  The owner, Selena Einwechter, had been laboring over a book the entire time of my employment.  She was about to see the fruition of her labor, and I was privy to hear her read from the pages to me one morning before I served breakfast to our guests.  The subject of the book?  Growing your dreams into reality….God’s way.As she read, I wept.  The time had come for the roots to deepen in me, only they were not growing in the direction I imagined that they would. 

With my husband’s retirement, he asked what I wanted to do.  It was then that I knew I wanted to start my own business.  And to my surprise, he agreed.  And so the dream began to unfold, and the roots deepened through the winter season and into the spring of this season in my life.

I made my first dollar, and met my first friend at Burlap & Lace.  Little did I know how God had prepared this woman to encourage me in the months ahead.

Five months after the opening, I was blessed to find the very spot my heart had longed for when the dream began to unfold, and so my first move came immediately after my first Vintage Market Days of Asheville.  Literally one week after!

God had prepared this wonderful house for my business, and I can tell you that  this move was a highlight for me…and I met yet another sweet woman, who was my first customer at the new location.

The journey continues, and I have entered yet another season.  Each brings its own joy.  And the greatest part of it all?  Sharing it with you!