Antiques are antiques….

11238231_820941801308551_2148637034823567877_nWhile it would seem a bit odd to begin my blog with a huge picture of The Tin Roof Antique Market, let me explain why to me it is not one bit odd….

To quote, in part,  from The  Message  Bible-

A body isn’t just a single part blown up into something huge.  It’s all the different-but-similar parts arranged and functioning together.  If the foot said, “I’m not elegant like the hand, embellished with rings: I guess I don’t belong to this body,” would that make it so?  and if ear said, “I’m not beautiful like eye; I don’t deserve a place on the head,” would you want to remove it from the body?  If the body was all an eye, how could it hear?  If all ear, how could it smell?  As it is, we see that God has carefully placed each part of the body right where He wanted it.  And no matter how significant a part you are, it is only because of what you are a part of.”

I wish I had a picture to place here of every business I am about to name.  Sadly, I don’t, but I’ll try to give you the next best thing….pics from their businesses (i.e. finds I have had or now have in my own home!).

You might remember these photos from a previous blog where I introduced you to Billy & Pearl….two characters I have never met but would have loved to do life with.  These photos were in a bin at Underground Salvage Company….Since 1996,  Tim and Nancy together with their grown children, Tyler and Jenny, have equipped Brevard with salvaged goods, first in their collection of Architectural finds, then in their vintage treasures.  Having moved from Main St into the Railroad district of Brevard (off Caldwell St) has only given them more space to display their finds.  I invite you to go plunder!  IMG_3448This old ladder made picture frame in my guest room came from Underground Salvage as well.  If you haven’t been there, you need to find them and check out their great items!

Another favorite of mine, located also in Brevard, is Shabby Shack Antique Mall, owned & operated by Travis Rhodes.  Travis has a number of vendors that display their wares in his shop (over 30 I believe)….and you will always be met with a smile from Betsy on the days she works the counter for him.  Do you need dishes?  Furniture?  A doll for your grand-baby?  Artwork for your home?  The finds are limitless…and vast!IMG_6533Yes, these wall planters are now gracing Burlap &  Lace’s entrance, but where did I find the galvanized wall planters to begin with?  You guessed it!  Shabby Shack!  I simply took something that I found and fell in love with and made it into something even better for my home, and now my shop.

img_5527Have you been into Country Creations lately?  Located at 338 S. Broad Street in Brevard, just past the library, it’s a walk on a summer’s day from downtown, and well worth the trek (although I would advise driving so that you can load up all your finds!).  This desk, first used in my home and now repainted and moved to my shop, came from there years ago!  Not just a florist….although you have known them for years if you’ve been in Brevard for long.  Sheila McCall spreads her love for the Lord with her smile, and will help you find just what you need to grace your own home or to give to a friend on her special birthday.  As you walk in, the right side of the store is stocked with vendors’ wares while the left houses antiques and floral designs, as well as jewelry.  Truly, this shop is on my “must go to” list every month!

Let’s move on to Gravy, located on Main Street in Brevard.  When you shop there, you are not only supporting the 20+ vendors who sell their wares there, but you are supporting the Boys and Girls Club of Transylvania County!  The sign above hangs in my shop….I found the old baby bed frame in a booth at Gravy, then painted something on it to remind me of the truth I daily need to remember.  I loved the patina and the chippy paint…two things I purposefully did not “correct” when I painted on it.

So let’s move on up Antique Alley toward Mills River….

My friend Melissa, who is the owner of the Tin Roof Antique Market, owns a fabulous store located on Hwy 191 as you head toward the Outlet Mall.  img_5519You’ve seen this hutch in my blogs before.  Melissa’s husband, Bobby, painted it and I immediately knew it had found a new home…mine!  She has a round table and 4 chairs painted to match now….oooh, better hurry there before I do!

I honestly don’t know how many vendors she now has….over 20 spaces for sure…and full of everything from antiques to vintage goods to clothing to farmhouse style goods.  Best just to check it out yourself!  I may even see you there because I know I’m in at least 3 times each month, or more!

From The Tin roof, you can turn left and then take I-26 toward Hendersonville.  Get off at the exit for Hwy 25, take a right and head toward downtown Hendersonville, making sure you stop at Southern Chicks (on the left side of the road)!  Sheila and Mike own this cute house-made-store.

SO many of my home items came from Southern Chicks!  And just in case you wonder about the shoe forms on the wall?  Those are now in my shop….but at home, they were hangers for my guests’ towels in their bedroom!  And the silver water pitchers are also in my shop (not but one left actually)….used for my son’s wedding last year!

As you turn left out of Southern Chicks and back onto Hwy 25, take a right at the first light and then find the purple Honeysuckle Hollow on your right.  Jan will greet you in full fashion attire….from the vintage line she carries in her store.  What else have I gotten from Jan?

Platters..linens…benches….and even this wonderful free gift….photo 2 (83)Bean seeds to climb my garden fence and bloom incredible purple flowers!  Jan, when summer  comes, gives seed packets harvested from her own bean vines, to her customers.  What a sweet thing she is!

Wind you way back to Brevard via Hwy 191 (turn right out of Honeysuckle Hollow) and take a left onto Hwy 280, coming to the stop light in Brevard across from Arby’s and what will you find as you travel down Antique Alley?


I hope you see that without my friends in all these other places, I would not even be able to be a shop owner or have goods to sell!  They each in their own unique way have inspired me, helped me find what I was looking for, and let me feed off their individual creativity until I could find my own niche’.  So let me introduce you to a couple of my latest finds that now grace my own shop….

IMG_6669This antique dry sink is on my favorite list right now.  If my home had a  place for it, it would never have made it to Burlap & Lace.   And see that gorgeous bowl and pitcher?  It may indeed come back to my home if it doesn’t get snatched up soon…have a closer look!IMG_6670My love for birds and flowers made this a beautiful find.  I pray it goes home with someone who would enjoy it as much as I have!

IMG_6668I didn’t believe this was actually an antique piece when I first saw it.  But it is, and beautifully intact!  It even has a surprise that I didn’t find until I got it into the shop….there is a slide-out cutting board that I believe would have been used to roll out the pie dough after sifting the flour from the bin!  Come on in and have a peek!

IMG_6671More favorite finds….the two plant holders come separately from the bowls on top…also planters with a rusty patina that quite suits your garden spaces!   The “thing” at the bottom gets the most comments of anything I’ve put in my shop to date, and I love it for the story it holds.  My grandmother (who died at 99 last year) was a hairdresser.  In her day, this would have held her curlers after she had washed them, getting them back in shape for her next client!  I think it would be lovely on a patio, flat side down, with succulents planted in the curler holes.  What do you think?

No matter what finds you are looking for, I guarantee that if you stop into any of the places I have mentioned and don’t find what you are looking for, you will be directed to one of the other spots listed her.  Why?  Because we are all part of the same “body”, and we see the function we each have….separately, yes, but we could not survive without the others.  No two people are the same.  Why should any two shops be?

Until we meet again, happy shopping!

~ Blessings,   Connie

Spring Celebrations….

IMG_3018It was last May that my son and his new bride celebrated their wedding day amidst an outdoor room full of guests….family & friends celebrating together a union in the eyes of God and before man.  As I am now in my third week of celebrating the opening of Burlap & Lace, I have had the privilege of meeting a few brides-to-be who are excitedly planning their own celebrations coming up in May or June.  As I remember fondly the fun that I had in planning a rehearsal dinner for my son and his new bride and in sharing the joy of these new friends I’ve met at Burlap & Lace, I have decided to bring a couple celebration events into the style of Burlap & Lace for the next few weeks…

  1.  Weddings – You will find things to make your special day a true celebration, be it items to use on the celebration day or items to gift a new bride and groom.  And if you need ideas, ask me for suggestions!  I would love to help the new couple fix up their first home!  At Burlap & Lace you will everything from dishes to pillows to furniture….and all the trimmings in between!

2.  Garden parties – Who doesn’t love a reason for a party?!  I love thinking outside the box and coming up with different ideas to make your party a success.  Be it a backyard barbecue, an informal gathering of neighbors or kids coming home for Easter, there is always, always a reason to celebrate!  Even just celebrating Spring and the birds’ songs lifts my heart!  Come see what things are here to help you celebrate your upcoming occasions….

3.  Coming up in May is Mother’s Day….I don’t know about you, but I see reflections of my mom and my grandmother in my every day living….women who have taught me much about giving of myself and stretching my self-imposed limits in ways I didn’t think possible.  And Mom- whoever she is to you- is worth celebrating!  I have everything here to help you do just that…from already made planters for the garden or porch to lovely tableware to help her brighten up her own table to pillows for her bed when she snuggles down for a nap after a long day.  For the mom you just don’t have a clue what to get….try some sachets for her dresser drawers or to slip beneath the seat of her car.  Or maybe a nice basket for her to put her cosmetics in on her counter.  Soaps are always a win and I have some wonderful fragrances to select from.  I have scarves that are bright displays of beauty for the neck or for the table!  Or perhaps your mom still loves to send handwritten cards…I have some special ones for you to choose from.  Come check it out…

Whatever you find to celebrate, I’d love to share that special occasion with you.  Until we meet….



Humble beginnings…

photo 4 (52).JPGDaisies are my favorite flower.   I’m not sure I’ve ever pondered on why….perhaps they remind me of the sunshine with their brilliant yellow center.  And their white petals….soft to the touch, but reaching outward from the sunny center as if to say, “Go ahead and pluck me if you will….you can have the same tenderness that I have, and the same ray of sunshine can be yours.”

I’ve not slept enough in the last month.  Wonderful adventures have kept my mind and my body alive and awake with anticipation, planning and staging this next phase of life.  I literally ran headlong from Vintage Market Days of Asheville into a long weekend event with my mom away from home straight into the opening of Burlap & Lace in its own location for the first time ever.  Entrepreneurship entered my life from the fast lane and I haven’t stopped to fuel my tank in 3 weeks.  Not enough food, not enough rest, barely enough time in the Word.  And so yesterday, I literally crashed.  My body screamed at me….”ENOUGH!”

Just like the daisy….we have a center.  It’s called Christ in us, the hope of glory.  Why the hope?  Because if we don’t stay connected to Him, if we don’t nourish ourselves properly or rest when He gives us rest, we have little glory to shine.  Yesterday my light literally burned out.

Today’s a new day.   And I thank God for it.  The winds of the night blew in gusts of cold air, biting yet refreshing air to fill my lungs.  The sun is not yet up for me to witness how my daisy – given to me by my husband at my Grand Opening – has survived, now planted in the soil of our back yard.

I’m learning so much in this new adventure….

1.  I can’t do it alone.  Not without Christ.  Not without my husband.  Not without my amazingly supportive children.  Not without you – my friends and encouragers.

2.  My body needs time to rest and recover.  For me, that may be time in the yard playing in my garden.  It may be time to do laundry and clean the house.  It will most certainly be time that is “quiet”, with nothing but the song of the birds or the heavy breathing of my lab next to me as music.  Because Jesus begs us….”Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”  We have to initiate the steps toward Him.  Then He so lovingly fulfills His promise to us.

3.  It’s okay to bend with the wind.  My daughter-in-law is teaching me that.  I am such a structured personality….planning is just part of my being.  But when my plans don’t go my way, it’s OK.  If I try to maintain my sturdy stance, I will likely break.  But bending with the wind allows me freedom….to feel the winds of change and embrace them, to “go with the flow” and enjoy the ride, to “let go” and let God.  We’ve made that such a cliche’, but it’s so true. God’s ways are not our ways.  Bending with the wind allows me to let Him move me when I’d rather plant my feet stubbornly in the sinking sand, which only leads to me falling, stumbling or otherwise being uprooted in most unpleasant ways.

Now – I’m leaving you with this….

Burlap & Lace (i.e. Connie) has a plan to open Thursday, Friday and Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. weekly.

Already that plan is changing, as yesterday in my moments of crashing (I actually became quite ill and had to abandon my rearranging of the shop and head home to bed), I did not get the shop ready to open at 10:00 this morning.  I will open, God willing, but it might not be today as I planned. It may be tomorrow….

I apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment that may arise as a result of my lack of care for myself in this endeavor (i.e. not keeping my appointed hours so soon in the game).  I am learning…..sometimes painfully.  Some things are just learned the hard way.  For me, that means that although God provides me with rest, if I don’t heed His call to do so, He will see to it that I get what I need…one way or the other!

I am excited about this journey for many reasons.  For me, it’s never been about anything more than making Christ known and He has graciously allowed me to share my joys of knowing Him through the lens of Burlap & Lace.

There will be new treasures awaiting you when I do reopen my doors…because just like the daisy’s surprisingly soft petals that are easily plucked, I want you to find soft touches for your home that bring delight.  And in plucking them and taking them to your own abode, I pray you find that the joy is not in the “having” that something new, but in sharing it with those you love most and in making your house the home you always dreamed it would be.

Thanks for walking this road with me.  You make me smile.




If you build it they will come…

img_6131Okay y’all…the walls are built and ready to go to Market!  That means all you have to do now is show up and shop!

If you know anything about me at all, it’s that I do my best work when focusing on a theme.  So for Vintage Market Days of Asheville, I have designed three days of Vintage Home Goods to delight and tickle your fancy.

Day 1:  Farmhouse Style –

Nothing says “farmhouse style” to me quite like the hues of white and grey, with splashes of color mixed in between.  Be assured on Day 1 you will see plenty of those colors and plenty of artful pieces for your walls.

Day 2: Cottage  Living –

Vintage linens, hammered aluminum, metal art wall decor, chippy frames all speak of days gone by, yet fondly reminisced and longed for once again.  Day 2 will take you back to a time that you don’t have to just dream of anymore…

Day 3:  Beyond the Garden Gate –

No use pretending…Spring and Summer are by far my favorite seasons.  One whiff of the warming breeze and I’m hooked!  Yes, the garden calls me (as do the weeds), but also drawing me in are barbecues, garden parties and fun with friends “beyond the garden gate” playing croquet in the yard.  So Day 3 will send us off with a taste of spring fever ushering in plenty of architectural salvage pieces for your garden, deck or patio,  glass and stemware for that picnic or barbecue, and a fanciful blend of wood, clay and metal pieces to give any plant, garden or patio that whimsical or romantic flair you’ve been searching to create.

My advice?  Don’t miss ANY day of the Market….You’ll be happy you didn’t!



Dreams really do come true

img_5647I have put off writing this blog for months.  Fear has perched on my shoulder and anxiety has caused me to wait.  This morning in my quiet time with the Lord, I clearly heard, “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.”  Jesus IS the Way, the Truth and the Life.  So what does that all have to do with Burlap & Lace?

I know that everything I do with this business, and in this life, is to bring God glory.  It is because of Him, and it is for Him that I can do anything at all.  Even breathe.

I wrestle with how I can make Him known through Burlap & Lace, and honestly, I don’t have that one figured out yet.  But this I do know….it’s not about the “stuff”.  If what I do puts a smile on someone’s face, that is enough.  If something I’ve made entices a conversation with the customer, my heart is happy.  I am here to serve.  It’s that simple.  And God has blessed me to be able to do that through Burlap & Lace.

One of the desires of my heart was to work at a Bed and Breakfast.  Nearly three years ago, God granted me that desire by giving me a job at Bed & Breakfast on Tiffany Hill in Mills River.  My journey there has been a delight to my soul.  But in January of this year, God began to speak to me that it was time to leave and to fulfill another dream and desire….to make Burlap & Lace into a business unto itself.  So with this blog, I announce just that!

I will be opening Burlap & Lace on March 30 in a location in Pisgah Forest, just around the corner from Shabby Shack Antique Mall.  And I cannot wait to share my Vintage Home Goods collection with you there!

But first….

Vintage Market Days of Asheville is just around the corner!  And I have been so busy working on my creations that I have not taken time to fill you in on the goodies that weekend will hold!  So let me give you a preview here if I may….

These are two of the larger pieces I will be bringing to market. And if you know me at all, my love is really in the decorating more than in the finds themselves.  Nevertheless, one cannot take place without the other!

Spring is on the way!  And that means fun things in store…flowers, fancy table settings, wall art for redecorating, throw pillows for fanciful beds and couches.  I can’t wait to enjoy it all with you!

So stay tuned…. and put these dates on your calendar….

March 17-19:  Vintage Market Days of Asheville at the WNC Ag Center in Fletcher

March 30:  GRAND OPENING of Burlap & Lace: 470 Asheville Hwy, Unit E – around the corner from Shabby Shack Mall and Love That Yogurt.

See you soon!




The Thrill of the Hunt

img_4469The question I am asked the most is, “Where do you find your items that you sell?!?”  My answer is always the same….my grandma’s attic, my neighbor’s closet, yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, antique stores, Goodwill even.  Surprised?

For me, it’s all about the thrill of the hunt.  I love a good find as much as you do!  And what that means is that you rarely find two-of-a-kind items in my shop.  If I succeed in finding  two or more items that are alike, I am likely to re-purpose them or display them in totally different ways.  So if you see something you like within the walls of Burlap & Lace, don’t think you’ll see the same item again in a month or two, because when I tire of something, then I give it to Goodwill or find another way to re-purpose it even better than the first!

To be clear, that is why my prices are my best offer to you, the buyer.  I like going into a shop and knowing I will find quality items at prices I can afford.  I want you to find the same.  And if you see two things that do happen to be identical or nearly so with different prices, likely I found them at different locations and paid different prices for them, thus bringing my best price to you.

My mantra is that you will not find a NFS sticker in my shop, or a “not for sale at this time” sticker.  If it’s not attached to the building, it’s for sale!

My focus this month is on wall art….can’t wait to bring you my favorites at Vintage Market Days of Asheville  March 17-19!  Until then…



Blurring the lines

img_5524The cabinet…would you call it vintage?  Cottage?  Shabby Chic?  Farmhouse?

Or what about these items?  Which category would you place them in?

Ok, you get what I’m doing.  Obviously, the lines between vintage, shabby chic, cottage and farmhouse can be a bit blurred from time to time,  But the style speaks the same language….rustic, salvaged, renewed, even a bit enticing to the senses, yes?

As I have been packing my boxes for Vintage Market Days of Asheville, I am labeling them in three different ways:  Day 1: Farmhouse, Day 2: Cottage, Day 3:  Garden.  My husband grins, but doesn’t dare ask.  And then he can stand it no longer….

“It all looks the same to me!  What’s the difference?!?”

Giving him full credit, the lines do tend to blur.  Suffice it to say – the more worn, tattered, distressed and/or rusty, the more valuable to me!

Given that nondescript description, let me be clear about this.  As my rack cards read, “Burlap & Lace is a unique style….”  Enough said.

See you in March at Vintage Market Days!  Come blur the lines with me and enjoy whatever you wish to call my style.  I lovingly call it a sickness I hope I never get over!



Pushing through the mess of life

img_5500Order has always been important to me.  So much so that disorder can make my head spin to the point that I literally accomplish nothing.  “Analysis paralysis”, my husband calls it.

Such is the reason for my taking so long to blog.  I reasoned that until everything was set in order and perfect in my surroundings, I had nothing to offer.  Now I am laughing at that ridiculousness.

img_5647This is my starting point now.  Let your eyes feast on this sign, for I hope you see it more and more often in the months ahead.  Vintage Market Days of Asheville is just around the corner.  My excitement mounts, as do the piles of inventory at my feet – even as I am typing.

I rented a storage unit in December, reasoning that our shed space was getting cramped and unable to hold anything else.  I closed the doors on it last week….full to the brim….with still more that needs to go in.  Sigh.  That’s good, right?  So I’m back to housing items in the shed, and in our spare bedroom until March 17.  Again, I am smiling….anticipating my first Vintage Market Days experience and the fun of that weekend event.

img_5653Pieces are being assembled, painted, handcrafted….all with YOU in mind!  But mostly, I am anticipating meeting the other vendors, making new friends, and greeting those that stop by to say hello.

Many have asked where the name Burlap & Lace originated.  Although I love using burlap in my creations, the name is so much more than that.  I invite you to look  back in my blog space to discover the name’s significance.  But I’ll give you a hint….


My sister is the lace behind the name, bringing a touch of elegance to all she is and all she does, and encouraging me to do the same.  I am the burlap, the rough exterior (just look at my paint-stained clothes and sandpaper-rough hands!), but sturdy, and adding my own touch of class to the things I create. I am thrilled that my sis will be joining me at Vintage Market Days, bringing her own love for vintage (and for me) with her.

Anticipate with me….the weekend is only a little more than 6 weeks away.  Until we meet there…




Vintage Market Days are coming….

IMG_2949I painted this sign a year ago….because at the time it was what I needed to do…BE STILL.  Today is no different, and I smile at the slow lesson I am trying to learn.

I am humbled beyond belief to have been welcomed into Vintage Market Days and their Barn Dance to be held at the WNC Ag Center March 17-19, 2017.  No….H-U-M-B-L-E-D.  Wait…let me back up.

I knew that closing Burlap & Lace at the Tin Roof Antique Market was what I needed to do for a time, but I really didn’t know for how long, or why.  So on 11/30/16, I packed up my Highlander and drove away….from a place and from people that had inspired me, and that I loved.  But I knew that I knew that I knew I was following God’s lead.

So about a week ago, a friend sent me a Facebook link to the Vintage Market Days Barn Dance coming in March.  My love for Vintage overtook my senses and I went on line to apply for tickets for the weekend event.  But wait….what if….I applied as a vendor?  My fingers stopped their clicking for ticket sales and I went back to investigate applying to be a vendor.  Quickly I prayed, God, please don’t let me do anything that is not in keeping with Your will.  If this is not what You want, then please don’t open this door to me.

The application was 6 pages, and I was allowed only one photo to depict my style.  Are you kidding me?  One photo?  What is my style?!?  I chose one picture, put in my application and got an immediate response that my application would be reviewed and that I would be notified within 6 weeks.   I would have to wait….

But not 6 weeks!  Within a few hours, I had been accepted in as a vendor!  My head was spinning with excitement.

Well that one photo experience and my acceptance into the Market led my husband and I to our evening discussion topic as we sat by the fire….What is my style?

He grinned at me…and I thought of that old song, “I’m a little bit country; I’m a little bit rock and roll.”  Musing over the question, I could only come up with one word really…eclectic.  You see, my style is anything from vintage to farmhouse style to cottage living to industrial salvage.  It all really depends on the day and the item and my mood.  Let me illustrate….

img_5531This is our entry way into our living area.  Our home was originally designed to be a weekend cottage, and over the last 12 years we have left it as such.  But we have decided that 2017 is the year to renovate…at least partially.  And we have decided to start with our main living space.

img_5523I found this piece a year ago and knew it would basically fit our needs.  I have never liked the finish on it, but have had every intent to paint it.  This coming year is the year!  But that’s beside the point.  How would you term this piece?  Cottage?  Farmhouse? Vintage?

I am finding that those terms can be intermixed.  Whites generally flow into the cottage and farmhouse arena, whereas colored pieces more typically generate vintage appeal.

IMG_3470This is a wall shelf in my kitchen, complete with vintage canisters and cream pitchers.  Vintage all the way, yes?

img_5525Not by choice, I have orange counter tops.  So you see, when I began my decorating 12 years ago, I simply decided to work with what I had.  And I have loved it all!

img_5500Over the years I have found and added pieces that appeal to my cottage living style, such as the mirrored window and this cute table.

If you walk into our guest room, you will find touches of industrial salvage mixed in with cottage living pieces…and my office offers the same, but with a twist of color.

So what is my style?  It will be fun as we move forward with our decorating in 2017 to see what stays and what goes to Burlap &  Lace – the one other place that I can be as eclectic as I desire.

So as Vintage Market Days approach, stay tuned to see how my style is shaping up!  Certain things are for sure….I have already got plenty of architectural salvage and farmhouse finds on hand!

Can’t wait to see you at the Barn Dance in 2017!  Get your tickets today at  Stop by Burlap & Lace for a special gift from me!




A Taste of the Tin

img_5439As I closed the doors to Burlap & Lace at the Tin Roof Antique Market on November 30, 2016, it was not without a mix of emotions.  Everything in me wanted to stay through this season…a season in which I knew I was being called away.  And yet I was excited that Melissa, the owner, was able to bring her own heart’s desire into my once occupied space with what she has decided to call “A Taste of the Tin”.

Upon entering the Tin, you will find just to your left a unique display of items from nearly every vendor in the store, along with some pretty nifty sitting space for those who just want to “sit a spell” and take in the sights and sounds of Christmas vintage-style, perhaps even enjoying a cup of warm cider or hot coffee while tunes of the season drift upward from the vintage stereo-turned-cooler! (Yes, even that is for sale!)

Let your eyes wander to the right as you sit and sip and you will see our newest vendor, Pam Dyson, and her bright display of calligraphy pieces.  What wonderful gifts for young and old alike!img_5419Turn your head to the right and you will see uniquely crafted and re-purposed items such as the organ bar and stereo speakers turned into shelves.  img_5420Across the way, feast your eyes upon some primitive Native-American displays and pieces, not to mention jewelry finds to whet your appetite.  Yes, I think you are through sitting and sipping and ready to wander through the rest of the booths here…img_5418If it’s smaller treasures you seek, then you will need to walk this booth in a circle to the right, then circle back around to the left just so you don’t miss anything!img_5417And for mostly primitives, this is the place to begin your hunt!  But don’t be surprised when you want to haul those finds right back out the front door and home with you!img_5416Night Own Vintage has only a few items left….better get them while they last!img_5415And for unique, one-of-a-kind items straight from the 50s and 60s, check out this space!img_5414Feasting upon antique treasures is something that must be absorbed slowly….and purposefully in order to find that special item especially suited for your home…img_5413img_5412img_5411From antique desks and sofa tables to crates of old bottles and handmade scarves, why not take a gander through this booth today?img_5410Is it vintage tools you have a hankering for?  Picture frames?  Silver utensil pieces or antique glassware?  As you wander through the booth spaces, be sure to wander slowly so you don’t miss a single item!img_5409And then linger a bit longer at Tracy Lee’s corner where you will ooh and ah over the uniquely crafted furniture pieces.  Go  ahead and open the doors and drawers to see Tracy Lee’s amazing styling techniques that don’t stop with the outward appearance!  Or take home a handmade designer shirt that is absolutely adorable with a pair of jeans or leggins!img_5407And….what is this?!?  img_5421Piles of laundry in my own home awaiting me…remnants of a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving with my family.  And antique furniture pieces awaiting my paintbrush as we begin remodeling some in our own home over the next couple of months.

So while I am taking a season to re-purpose Burlap & Lace a bit and to get my own household in order, I invite you to stop into the Tin Roof to get a taste of what’s in store for you there….and don’t let just one visit be your last.  The vendors keep their booths changing weekly so you will want to visit often, sit long, and drink in not only the visual surroundings but linger over the friendships made while there.  Yes, it will happen!  All in a day’s shopping….