Stories of the journey

I have the greatest family in the world.

You see, when I get a notion in my brain to do something, it usually means I need muscle behind the idea…..big, man-size muscles!

Such was the case the day I found “the desk”.

“It’s PERFECT!”  I told my husband over the phone, “and CHEAP!”  Through a muffled “huh” on the other end of the phone, his next statement was somewhat expected…”Let me guess.  You want to put it in the loft, right?”

He knows me well.

So we waited until a weekend that our youngest son could come home from grad school, and then the work began.

photo 5 (39)

You should have seen the thought process that went into the move!

photo 4 (51)

And then came the benefits of Mitch’s days at Crossfit…


photo 1 (54)


photo 2 (50)

and up we go!

photo 3 (51)              Nice finish men…with a woman’s added touch of completion to the project!  photo 1 (59)

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