Bringing “our” story to your nest….for years to come

Meet local artist, Lynn Driver…

Lynn and I met a few years ago when we both had booth spaces at a local shop in Brevard, NC.  That shop closed, and a couple of years passed us by.  Then one day, to my surprise, Lynn wondered into my newly-opened shop.  As we became reacquainted with one another, little did either of us know how our friendship would grow and our skill sets would be so wonderfully matched!

Lynn is an artist….in every form of the word.  I am an “artist-wanna-be”.  Loosely translated, that means that I can’t paint much of anything that has a form, but I don’t do too badly at painting words.  In fact, my humble beginning was with one small column in a local shop where I hung signs made out of pallet wood to sell.  From that small start, I found I loved designing signs and spaces simultaneously.  And thus – in the process of time – the rest of the dream was born….the lovely little shop on W. Main Street where I can now create both!

In the days not long after Lynn came into my shop, she and I discovered that we each still had a dream in the making.  Hers?  To get back to painting full time, as this was/is her passion.  Mine?  To be able to have local art gracing the walls of Burlap & Lace.  I knew Lynn’s work from before.  I knew her talent, and now I was discovering her passion while she was discovering mine.

Lynn and I met several times after that first reunion, and in those meetings she was willing to hear my heart on what type pieces I wanted to sell and I was able to hear how her passion had been stifled while she was trying to put her pieces into a space that she also had to decorate and keep up.  She was more than agreeable to relocate her art to my shop, and also to create pieces specifically to fulfill my design antics.  She understood that I like to change my vignettes frequently and would need specific pieces to match my whims. And so she began creating specifically for Burlap & Lace.

I am more than blessed to have Lynn’s work at Burlap & Lace.  What’s in store for you in October?  More Fall scenes, white squirrels and pumpkins!  And then starting in December….winter scenes of cows, trees and farmhouses that will surely become heirloom pieces in your home for years to come.

And one important thing to note….although Lynn may create several similar pieces for me, there are no two alike, as she selectively designs them one by one.  No reproductions here!  So be sure if you see “the one” you want, you don’t wait.  Likely, it won’t be there when you come back for it!

And help me welcome Lynn to Burlap & Lace….where dreams really do come true!