Pillows – fanciful, fun and practical as well!

We toss them, we sleep on them, we bring color into our homes with them.   Our dogs bed down on them, our children nestle their heads into them…..honestly, we ALL have them!

In one shape, form, or color, pillows have become more than just a luxurious necessity in our homes.  They have become statement pieces….of our personalities, our whims, our seasonal interests and our lives.

At Burlap & Lace, you will always find pillows splashed about the rooms.  And for all of the reasons mentioned above, I wanted to showcase a few of these beauties and ways in which you can use them in your own personal spaces.You probably know by now a bit of my back-story….of how my sweet sister wanted to invest in my dream and in so doing made pillows exclusively for Burlap & Lace, complete with tags denoting so!  These one-of-a-kind pieces aren’t duplicates found in your typical Big Box stores like Walmart or Target.  And so I offer them with a smile….because I know the love with which they were offered to me in the first place.

The sunshine combing out his hair is probably my most uniquely favorite.  First of all, it makes me smile!  Secondly, who of us doesn’t get up each morning with at least one, if not a dozen, hairs out of place?!?  This pillow is a reminder to me that each day begins anew…God’s mercies are new every morning!  This pillow is simply stated:  FUN!While the most common use for decorative pillows is to toss them on a furniture piece, I like to keep pillows stacked in baskets as well.  Not only do they add interest to a room, but they make an easy grab for family and guests during movie night, or game time around the coffee table (to cushion your backside from that hard wood floor!).  And why not take the pillows outdoors?  I love how they soften the look of a space, like the beautiful green patina of this bench.  These particular pillows are reversible, so if your mood today is floral you are set, but if you want a more masculine look, flip them over for a beautiful checkered print.  Or even mix and match the two!Porches should never be neglected!  “Back in the day”, front porches in particular were where you sat after an evening meal….and it was where you visited with your neighbors and friends.  This rooster design speaks farmhouse, and adds a lovely accent to the garden mum as well!One reason I love neutral furniture pieces so much (and neutral wall colors too) is because the “dressing up” can be done with pillows!  Relatively speaking, they are an inexpensive way to change your mood on a monthly basis!  These black and white beauties are always a sure pick….because you’ve heard me say that black is a color that anchors any room, and every room should incorporate a splash of it somewhere!

Now how about the “not so obvious” uses for pillows?  I like tucking them on a shelf behind some other pieces of interest to add color and to soften the space.  Here, I have tucked in a french country look with my rusty scale, my antique glass hen (complete with eggs!) and an old bottle.  Love the look!Maybe this next idea is a bit unusual, but it appealed to me…especially for us grandmas!  Albeit, my children may distress at the idea of using an antique cradle for their children to sleep in, but if you have one, pull it out and add a bench cushion instead of a crib pad to the bottom.  When not in use as a cradle, it makes a nice resting place for your grandchildren’s dolls!One of my favorite “displays” in my home couples pillows with metal.  Why?  Again, to soften, bring out the color of the other objects around it, and to provide a nesting place for an otherwise “ordinary” but useful item.Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and textures….or to bring otherwise “outdoor” pieces into your home.  The outdoor bench below is a welcome site in a sun room or an entryway.  Situated by your front door and perfectly suited beneath it is a resting place for shoes, a basket to hold outdoor play equipment, or to nestle old pots containing flowers.  And beside it?  Why not use a plant stand topped with a bowl to hold your car keys, your mail, or other things that need a tossing place upon entry to your home?  Tuck a pillow of contrast underneath and you’ve got an instant, usable but attractive space in the making!Okay, tell me….am I the only one who likes to change out my bed attire with the change of the seasons?  My lightweight summer quilt gets replaced with a heavier winter style, and I love to have pillows to change out as well.  With the colorful quilt below, it’s easy enough to use a mixture of pillow styles and colors.  And my particular love of this quilt (modeled for you at Burlap & Lace) is that it’s reversible!  The back is actually my pick for Spring and Summer, and the top pictured would be my Fall and Winter choice.  This quilt is an antique…in near perfect shape, and suited for a double or queen bed.  Even the bed skirt is for sale….black to match the Fall/Winter colors in the quilt.  Simply trade out the bed skirt in summer and spring with white and you are good to go for the other side of the quilt!
I simply love finding pieces that are interchangeable…from season to season, and from room to room.  In fact, I know we are talking pillows, but I simply have to tell you that – when not in use as a bed covering – quilts make absolutely stunning table coverings!  And they are washable, and quilted (thus, the name) which makes them perfect for that dining table that you don’t want scratched or heat-worn by your plates over time.

So as you look to the changing of the seasons and enter into Fall, why not look at ways to utilize pillows to spruce up your home and your lifestyle as well?  Burlap &  Lace has lots to choose from, and with all pillows just $10 through October, you really should come in and see which ones might grace your living spaces!

Enjoy the hunt!