Christmas time is here!

Dec - full view of table and picsThere’s a lot to take in, isn’t there?  Look closely….I don’t want you to miss anything!

The metal table is my focal point this month and I want you to see and experience why…it has two sides that pull out to expand the seating capacity.  The drawer is already fit for silverware, napkin rings or whatever other treasures you might hide within.  (I would likely put candles in the drawer for a quick celebration dinner set up!)  Any table covering pairs well on this vintage table dating back to the early 60’s – burlap, vintage cloths, or even a table runner with plate chargers.

The shutter is an added “fun find” that happily graces the table and adds character to the place setting.  For the holidays, why not add the vintage bucket filled with pine cones and laced with candy canes (you could add real ones for an easy dessert option!).  A selection of candlesticks gives opportunity to add romance, charm or some simple ambiance to your table setting.  Dressed with festive red and green paisley dishes (hung above the table), red plate chargers and white restaurant ware, you have all the makings for a holiday splash that will have your friends and family singing Fa la la la la around the table.  (All plates are dishwasher and oven safe!)

But let’s not stop there!

Dec - coffeepot and hammered aluminum

Every meal needs beverages, and you will find something for everyone housed inside the nooks and crannies of the booth this month.  Two vintage coffee pots (cords tucked inside, both in good working condition!) are available…for use or for well as a few coffee mugs of choice.  A simple glass bowl and glass mugs are the perfect addition to that holiday ice cream punch!  There are crystal glasses etched in a fine ribbon of silver and you will not believe the deal on these!  After a holiday meal, our family has often found ourselves playing tunes from the crystal goblets…you should try it!

Dec - bucket with candy canesCheerwine in bottles…what a pretty way to add some color to your table, letting each guest pour their own into the stemmed glass.  And in case hot tea is the beverage of choice, you will find teabag cozies for each place setting.

Dec - metal heart stool

For displaying the holiday menu, there is a collection of boards to choose from – all chalkboard style. My personal favorite addition is the chair and bowl combination tucked beneath the table display.  There are so many fun ways to use this….as a popcorn bowl for those late night movies….a cookie bar, full of bagged assorted cookies for guests to take home after the holiday office party….or take the bowl out and insert a clay pot to house the live sapling tree for the guest room.  When spring arrives, this would make a nice addition to an herb garden, complete with a pot of fresh mint!  In fact, why not start the mint during the holidays indoors and then move outside in the Spring?!?

And the bait bucket with the tree adds some vintage flair to any room that needs a bit of Christmas cheer!

Dec - urn with tree

This is another “double-header” display….the plant urn currently houses a delightful tree with metal ornaments (yes, the price tag is correct….you get it all!), but come Spring you have a beautiful plant urn for your patio or deck.  The tree simply lifts out and has it’s own burlap base.  The star cut-out shutters behind make a fun display on a garden wall, or on a shed.

Dec - lamp and burlap shade

Don’t let the snowman fool you!  Cute as a display, it has 3 compartments for storing those freshly baked Christmas cookies!  This makes a wonderful gift idea (of course, you need to supply the cookies).   Don’t miss the pineapple window lights….there are 3, all brass and quite lovely.  Each has a rolling switch to easily turn the lights off and on as needed.  And talk about lamps….this metal lamp and burlap shade would add the perfect touch to any room in your home, don’t you think?  There are also two hobnail lamps for sell this month…look for them in the photo below.

Dec - top of cabinet

Metal is IN, and this vintage stool would be the perfect addition to a spring garden (can you tell I have early spring fever?). But while you await the change of seasons, use it in a laundry room, bedroom for holding books by the bed, or in the kitchen as a step stool!  The snowman shutter would be a fun display by your front door, or the garden gate.  Or perhaps you prefer it hung on an inside wall?  Lightweight (painted on a plastic shutter), it hangs easily.

And while we are talking about metal, note the two cabinets on either side of the metal table.  These are in near perfect condition and are an unbelievable find!  Lightweight, yet sturdy, I envision these in so many places with so many uses….in a kitchen as a coffee bar (the shelves and drawers would house all the necessary supplies for the perfect party set up)….in a shed or workshop for tools and garden supplies….why not use it as a dry bar for entertaining?  Or in the laundry room for detergent, old towels and cleaning supplies?  The uses are endless, and the white color tones and Formica top allow for dressing up or dressing down, depending on the use.

Dec - hidden treasuresDec - hidden treasures 2

Look high, look low is the key to shopping at Burlap & Lace!  The cabinets are currently full of items that you will not want to miss…like the tea, cocoa and coffee jars, the metal cake plate, metal holiday buckets and tins for gifting supplies of cookies or hot chocolate mix to that hard-to-buy for friend or family member.   Don’t miss the serving tray, the pepsi crate, the metal bread boxes and the many other surprises…even the drawers of full of vintage aprons and recipe books, drink coozies and rolling pins.  Think “stocking stuffers”….and note the space in those cabinets!

And last, but not least, there is a collection of favorite books for you to consider….like The Secret Innkeeper of Tiffany Hill, and Max Lucado’s You are Special….both books of choice for either the young or young at heart.

Dec - Tiffany Hill book

And my personal favorite (wonder why?) is a devotional written by myself and my son three years ago.  It’s a collection of encouraging stories from the pages of our journals…Only One Gets the Prize.

Dec - Only one gets the prize As you can see, the booth is packed with goodies, and new items are literally being added weekly.  I do hope you will find encouragement (and a gift of two) from browsing this month.

Blessings to each and every one of you as you discover the joy of celebrating Christ with me this season.


A Secret Worth Telling!

The Secret Innkeeper

My sweet husband has been praying for me specifically over the past 6 months …..   to find a job that would fit all the gifts God has bestowed upon me, and one that would enable me to be all He has created me to be.  As he would pray, I would always picture the job I have aspired to since I was three….to be a mom and homemaker!  Knowing that the fulfillment of that role has come with time, I was intrigued to see what God would do next.

In August of this year, I was offered a job at The Bed and Breakfast on Tiffany Hill in Mills River as the Chef Assistant. Of course, there is a long story that goes with how that came about, but I will save that for another time.  For now, suffice it to say that….well….talk about fitting my sweet spot!  God is so very, very good!   I actually get to go into a Five Star B&B and cook breakfast, serve guests, turn rooms, and work in the gardens to my heart’s delight!  What’s not to love about this?!?  I would say that my husband’s prayers have been answered to the fullest!

The latest outcome of this work adventure is the book featured here….The Secret Innkeeper of Tiffany Hill.  It’s a wonderfully delightful story of the “true” owner of the B&B…a cat by the name of Tuxedo!  The story will surely delight the young and the young at heart.

The book is for sale in my booth – just in time for Christmas!  Tucked inside the book is a rack card on The Bed and Breakfast of Tiffany Hill.  I know you will want to share the secret of this Bed and Breakfast, housed in Mills River, NC with friends and family!  For more complete information, please visit their website:

Until I get to serve you breakfast at Tiffany Hill, I hope to see you at Burlap & Lace.

~ Connie