Shades of Blue

 So here’s my disclaimer….I’m not polished, but I’m genuine.  I’m the burlap.  Meet the lace…

IMG_3848This is my sister and my best friend, Sandy.  This month’s for her ’cause it’s all about shades of blue.  As small children, our Papaw loved to shower us with dresses….red dresses…. because red was his favorite color.  A memorable story in our family was when Papaw proudly donned us with these beautiful red dresses, to which Sandy pouted and exclaimed (and probably stomped her determined little foot!), “But Papaw, I like BLUE!”  The story stuck, and so has her love for the color blue.  It’s her birthday month, and while I didn’t get this blog posted in time for that celebration, today, 8 days past her birthday, I am celebrating her…the lace, and the sister I love so much.  So enjoy the blue, Sandy, and may it make you smile.

IMG_4989Papaw called Sandy his “littlest angel”.  So again, Sis, this one’s for you!  It’s a garden angel, but you could so easily put it indoors as well.  The butterfly that adorns her dress makes this piece a delight!

IMG_4995These shutters inlaid with tin are romantically beautiful and would be gorgeous hung in front of french doors, a patio door, or on a bedroom wall above a bed.  They almost didn’t make it to the shop!




June always makes me think of summer, how ’bout you?!  Every summer for as long as I can remember, our family vacationed at Myrtle Beach in a house that sat on the ocean front.  It was called the Shoreline, and although I never saw a starfish there, these pretty ceramic ones made me remember those days.  The flip flops and beach towels are situated perfectly in a bait bucket, waiting to be taken to the beach for a day in the sun and surf!

IMG_5016So much blue, and so much fun!  From the lace dress form to the trunk filled with fern, to the starfish on the wall and the enamelware pans….everything this month makes me smile and remember my sister in one way or another!


This stars and stripes lap quilt makes a pretty table cover as well.  Two vintage, wicker plant stands await your front porch or back patio! Let these sweet ceramic birds on a plate adorn your table as a pretty centerpiece.  Farm to table napkins, bread basket, teacups, vintage ice bucket, side table…..all need a home.  Why not yours?!?

Until next month….blessings.