Vintage Market Days are coming….

IMG_2949I painted this sign a year ago….because at the time it was what I needed to do…BE STILL.  Today is no different, and I smile at the slow lesson I am trying to learn.

I am humbled beyond belief to have been welcomed into Vintage Market Days and their Barn Dance to be held at the WNC Ag Center March 17-19, 2017.  No….H-U-M-B-L-E-D.  Wait…let me back up.

I knew that closing Burlap & Lace at the Tin Roof Antique Market was what I needed to do for a time, but I really didn’t know for how long, or why.  So on 11/30/16, I packed up my Highlander and drove away….from a place and from people that had inspired me, and that I loved.  But I knew that I knew that I knew I was following God’s lead.

So about a week ago, a friend sent me a Facebook link to the Vintage Market Days Barn Dance coming in March.  My love for Vintage overtook my senses and I went on line to apply for tickets for the weekend event.  But wait….what if….I applied as a vendor?  My fingers stopped their clicking for ticket sales and I went back to investigate applying to be a vendor.  Quickly I prayed, God, please don’t let me do anything that is not in keeping with Your will.  If this is not what You want, then please don’t open this door to me.

The application was 6 pages, and I was allowed only one photo to depict my style.  Are you kidding me?  One photo?  What is my style?!?  I chose one picture, put in my application and got an immediate response that my application would be reviewed and that I would be notified within 6 weeks.   I would have to wait….

But not 6 weeks!  Within a few hours, I had been accepted in as a vendor!  My head was spinning with excitement.

Well that one photo experience and my acceptance into the Market led my husband and I to our evening discussion topic as we sat by the fire….What is my style?

He grinned at me…and I thought of that old song, “I’m a little bit country; I’m a little bit rock and roll.”  Musing over the question, I could only come up with one word really…eclectic.  You see, my style is anything from vintage to farmhouse style to cottage living to industrial salvage.  It all really depends on the day and the item and my mood.  Let me illustrate….

img_5531This is our entry way into our living area.  Our home was originally designed to be a weekend cottage, and over the last 12 years we have left it as such.  But we have decided that 2017 is the year to renovate…at least partially.  And we have decided to start with our main living space.

img_5523I found this piece a year ago and knew it would basically fit our needs.  I have never liked the finish on it, but have had every intent to paint it.  This coming year is the year!  But that’s beside the point.  How would you term this piece?  Cottage?  Farmhouse? Vintage?

I am finding that those terms can be intermixed.  Whites generally flow into the cottage and farmhouse arena, whereas colored pieces more typically generate vintage appeal.

IMG_3470This is a wall shelf in my kitchen, complete with vintage canisters and cream pitchers.  Vintage all the way, yes?

img_5525Not by choice, I have orange counter tops.  So you see, when I began my decorating 12 years ago, I simply decided to work with what I had.  And I have loved it all!

img_5500Over the years I have found and added pieces that appeal to my cottage living style, such as the mirrored window and this cute table.

If you walk into our guest room, you will find touches of industrial salvage mixed in with cottage living pieces…and my office offers the same, but with a twist of color.

So what is my style?  It will be fun as we move forward with our decorating in 2017 to see what stays and what goes to Burlap &  Lace – the one other place that I can be as eclectic as I desire.

So as Vintage Market Days approach, stay tuned to see how my style is shaping up!  Certain things are for sure….I have already got plenty of architectural salvage and farmhouse finds on hand!

Can’t wait to see you at the Barn Dance in 2017!  Get your tickets today at  Stop by Burlap & Lace for a special gift from me!




A Taste of the Tin

img_5439As I closed the doors to Burlap & Lace at the Tin Roof Antique Market on November 30, 2016, it was not without a mix of emotions.  Everything in me wanted to stay through this season…a season in which I knew I was being called away.  And yet I was excited that Melissa, the owner, was able to bring her own heart’s desire into my once occupied space with what she has decided to call “A Taste of the Tin”.

Upon entering the Tin, you will find just to your left a unique display of items from nearly every vendor in the store, along with some pretty nifty sitting space for those who just want to “sit a spell” and take in the sights and sounds of Christmas vintage-style, perhaps even enjoying a cup of warm cider or hot coffee while tunes of the season drift upward from the vintage stereo-turned-cooler! (Yes, even that is for sale!)

Let your eyes wander to the right as you sit and sip and you will see our newest vendor, Pam Dyson, and her bright display of calligraphy pieces.  What wonderful gifts for young and old alike!img_5419Turn your head to the right and you will see uniquely crafted and re-purposed items such as the organ bar and stereo speakers turned into shelves.  img_5420Across the way, feast your eyes upon some primitive Native-American displays and pieces, not to mention jewelry finds to whet your appetite.  Yes, I think you are through sitting and sipping and ready to wander through the rest of the booths here…img_5418If it’s smaller treasures you seek, then you will need to walk this booth in a circle to the right, then circle back around to the left just so you don’t miss anything!img_5417And for mostly primitives, this is the place to begin your hunt!  But don’t be surprised when you want to haul those finds right back out the front door and home with you!img_5416Night Own Vintage has only a few items left….better get them while they last!img_5415And for unique, one-of-a-kind items straight from the 50s and 60s, check out this space!img_5414Feasting upon antique treasures is something that must be absorbed slowly….and purposefully in order to find that special item especially suited for your home…img_5413img_5412img_5411From antique desks and sofa tables to crates of old bottles and handmade scarves, why not take a gander through this booth today?img_5410Is it vintage tools you have a hankering for?  Picture frames?  Silver utensil pieces or antique glassware?  As you wander through the booth spaces, be sure to wander slowly so you don’t miss a single item!img_5409And then linger a bit longer at Tracy Lee’s corner where you will ooh and ah over the uniquely crafted furniture pieces.  Go  ahead and open the doors and drawers to see Tracy Lee’s amazing styling techniques that don’t stop with the outward appearance!  Or take home a handmade designer shirt that is absolutely adorable with a pair of jeans or leggins!img_5407And….what is this?!?  img_5421Piles of laundry in my own home awaiting me…remnants of a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving with my family.  And antique furniture pieces awaiting my paintbrush as we begin remodeling some in our own home over the next couple of months.

So while I am taking a season to re-purpose Burlap & Lace a bit and to get my own household in order, I invite you to stop into the Tin Roof to get a taste of what’s in store for you there….and don’t let just one visit be your last.  The vendors keep their booths changing weekly so you will want to visit often, sit long, and drink in not only the visual surroundings but linger over the friendships made while there.  Yes, it will happen!  All in a day’s shopping….