Sketches of Autumn among an architectural salvage backdrop


It’s official….Fall is upon us and the smell of molding leaves beneath my feet as I stroll through the forest mingle with the drops of rain gently falling around me.  Ummm….what’s not to love about this season?!?

So as October ushers in, this month’s booth is dedicated to the two men in my life I am most proud of, excluding my husband….my two sons, Britt and Mitch.  Both have October birthdays so it was only fitting to dedicate this month to them.  And both  have inspired me in ways that I hope you will visualize this month as you wander through my booth space.  From scripture quotes to rusty hinges, these things tell stories of my strong men and lend me to smiles every time I visit my own booth space.

As you walk through Burlap & Lace this month, you will see things that totally encompass these fine young men….from duck decoys to architectural books, saws and other odd tools to mechanical parts and all kinds of architectural salvage.  The cool thing is, though, these items make their way into any home if you just know how to use them!  So let’s get started on our tour and see what might interest you along the way!


Ok, so what’s with all the school items this month?  And of all things, an abacus?!?  Well, my oldest son is a math whiz, and toys such as this were not just toys to him growing up, they were building blocks shaping him toward the mechanical engineer he is today.  So don’t be surprised if you see stacks of books among the shelves this month!  They remind me totally of Britt, my oldest son.


While my youngest, Mitch, was not so captivated by reading the books, he certainly did show a love for design at an early age.  No wonder, then, that he is headed toward being an architect as he finishes graduate school this coming year.


Of late I have had opportunity to talk with my oldest about the days of teaching him to sew….yes, it’s a manly thing to do, especially if you are a pilot and totally self-assured of your manhood!  This old Singer caught my eye as the perfect thing to perch on a laundry room shelf, or to tuck right atop the stacks of books in your library.  The colors, though not obvious in this photo, are rich with the design of this antique machine.  What a talk-piece this is!


When my sons are home, there is always a pot of coffee brewing.  Some of our best autumn chats are around the woodstove, cups of steaming black liquid in hand (well, mine has a touch of cream added to it).  This changing table  has been renewed to make an adorable coffee bar for your home.  The front bar detaches, and I can so envision it with baskets tucked on the bottom shelves to hold coffee cups, table linens and so much more.  The drawer would be wonderfully fit with the old wooden silverware tray that you see standing up on the top of the bar…perfect for those spoons, tea bags if you are a tea drinker, or to hold sugars to sweeten the brew!

And those caps tucked into the drawer….baby ‘boggans for that child’s ears as he/she strolls with you through the carpet of leaves this Fall. These were hand-crocheted by Britt’s wife….and see how adorable on my precious granddaughter….


Nothing speaks of Fall like  Thanksgiving, and while we are more than a month out from that special occasion, I couldn’t resist getting the table started with these adorable pumpkin plates!  The rosebuds tucked inside the wine goblets (silver inlaid with gold) are napkins!  What a great display for your Thanksgiving feast!  And best of all?  These plates are plastic!  The kids can’t break them, so go ahead and enjoy them for many years to come!



I love the effect that shutters add to a wall….standing against a shelf, or hanging alone….and the wire rack you see behind the old washboard is an oven rack…but what a great backdrop for displaying framed pictures of your kids, or just as it is here….a unique display in a laundry room!  Add a few clothespins to the wire rack and you can attach photographs or love notes or even lost socks….the sky is the limit with this one!


These bar stools swivel for good coffee conversation!  Sturdy, distressed and waiting for you to perch with cup in hand!


This is probably my favorite addition this month….these shoe inserts with the pull out heel knob make the perfect hanger for a hand towel in the bathroom, or for a robe in the bedroom.  Secretly, I am hoping these don’t sell!  I would love to see them in my own home!


So what is it about me and feet this month?  When I found this cobblers shoe form with 4 shoes, I knew it was coming home with me.  I think it was the baby shoe form that grabbed at my heart strings.  Yes, it’s a bit rusty, but that’s the intrigue of it!  Again, this is  a piece that would cultivate conversation in just about any room, but I see it perched upon a stack of books.

And the milk glass goblet is something else I especially am fond of this month.  I would put it on my desk to hold pens and pencils.  How about you?


This cozy table would fit nicely in a corner where you need a lamp and a place to put your coffee cup.  The drawer is perfect to hold your glasses, a notepad or even your cell phone charger!


While there is a selection of books to choose from, there is also the coolest “book” shelf beneath them!  Made from real books, this is another “must have” to add to your bedroom or den.


Unique is this cup and plate holder!  The pegs actually have space to hold a platter above the cups.  Here, I have attached hanging candles to give some ambiance and glow to the dinnerware above, but rolled dishtowels would also work nicely in the upper basket.


Two of these stools stand proudly here this month….perfect seating for the workbench, drafting table or kitchen bar.  And check out the metal fall basket perched on top….I actually would use this in my bathroom on the back of my commode to hold toilet paper!


Don’t overlook these bags hiding in the window-front.  They are burlap table runners….perfect for your table setting!


From fan blades to old trunks (the black one tucked behind the blade), there are pieces just waiting to grace your home and bring a hint of salvage mixed with cottage charm….


And what about these racks?  With clothespins for pictures or napkins, make them a perfect “fit” in your home.


And there are at least 2 decoys here this month…one for each son!  Duck hunting with their dad has become a tradition….so if these don’t sell, guess where you will find them next month?

And what about that antique popcorn popper?  Bet you can still tuck it inside the fireplace for a crackling, yummy Fall treat!


This bench is begging you to have a seat!  Perfect for that Fall yard!


And as you walk out of Burlap & Lace this month, don’t forget to look up!

IMG_0920 Even the screen door laced with branches and lights is for sale, and wouldn’t it just grace your patio?  Or even hung above your bed….what wonderful ambiance this would offer!

So Happy Birthday sons!   Thanks for giving me good things to talk about!  I love you both so much….

Happy Fall Yall!


Sizzling Summer gives way to Fall Prelude

IMG_0661We know that Fall is upon us as the breezes stir  and whisper their gentle rustling through the drying leaves of the turning trees.  Ummm…I can almost smell the leaves as they crunch beneath my feet on the forest floor.  I love this time of year!

Still, the summer heat draws me again to my garden where I grasp hold of the last bits of bliss from that bit of heaven on earth for me….


For that reason, you will find brushes of Fall at Burlap & Lace this month, mingled in with the last hints of summer bliss.  From watering cans to Fall decor, there is plenty to whet your appetite for the smell of forest fires while grasping hold of the last hints of summer.


This red metal bench is among my favorite this month….planted beneath a towering tree, it would be the perfect spot for reading or visiting with the birds in your backyard.

IMG_0623And I am pretty sure there are still a couple bluebirds in search of a home….these are handmade by my father, complete with hardware for hanging!


You will find a pumpkin or two here this month….getting us ready for that Thanksgiving season yet to come….


Or how about some dried apples to grace your table setting?  Perched upon this vintage shoe-fitter’s stool, don’t overlook the old trunk nestled underneath.  Quite a find!

IMG_0629The basket spilling forth fall flowers would be perfect to hold your magazines.


This pretty side table would pare well in a living area or beside a bed.


And why not go ahead and grab a hand-crocheted hat for your baby before those cold winds start to blow?  Let me show you the perfect model….my granddaughter…..


And there is always a selection of glassware and china to choose from at Burlap & Lace….



So as you dream of the cooler nights and long to hold on to summer’s warmth, why not visit Burlap & Lace and indulge in both seasons all at once?  I know you will want to linger long….

Until we meet again,