True confessions….

My first book was published in 2013…Only One Gets the Prize.   And in it I wrote this:

Determine what your passion is.  Determine. Don’t just fling out some random thought and wonder if it is what defines you.  Determine.  Decide beyond one shadow of a doubt that this is the thing you desire above all other things.  Why determine and not just decide?  Because whatever you determine in your heart is the thing you will pursue.  You will become steadfast in your pursuit.  Nothing will be able to turn you back from your pursuit.  Nothing will pull you away from it.  And it is the thing that will also pursue you because it is what you have set your heart on.  Determine what your passion is.  

So here comes my confession, for those of you who care to know it.  My passion….my pursuit since I was 33 years old….has been to know my Savior as deeply as I possibly can.  Jesus is my life, and I don’t mind telling anyone that.  He has saved me from more than you would ever believe.  And I love Him.

Knowing that God has a specific purpose for my life does not mean that it is easy to know  exactly every minute of every day that I am on the path He has marked out for me.  But I do know that if I continue to pursue Him first, He will make the pathway clear for me.

And that leads me to the rest of my confession.  I love to write.  Always have if I am honest with myself.  With the publication of my first book, I thought that the desire to write would leave.  In fact the opposite has been true….I now have not one, not two but three books in mind to write!  Whew!  Let’s suffice it to say that I have begun book #2 with a goal completion date in mind (this year!).

But I also love to create…specifically, I have learned over the past several years just how very much I enjoy designing spaces as an outlet for my creativity, and that passion has deepened this past year as I have been able to fulfill yet another dream of mine….having a store front window space at Main Street Market Shops in Brevard, NC!

This blog is my breezeway to lead you now from one dream of mine to another….to let you  know that as of December 31, 2015, I will be closing the doors to Burlap & Lace for a season in order that I can pursue writing more in hopes of finishing that second book! AND, who knows what else God may have in store for me?

One thing I clearly want to continue is this blog.  And I am determined to spend some of my creative energy  creating spaces within my own home this next year….so look for the same inspiration to come through this blog site, only instead of my booth space, with ideas from my own home decorating schemes!

You will still find Burlap & Lace in the window at Main Street Market shops for the next 2 months, as I finish out my year of celebrating the people in my life who have helped shape my creative bent and my love of life.  In fact, this Friday will be a total re-do, so if you see it there now, best stop in and get it!

Thanks for following my site…Stay tuned!  I hope you will continue to find your own creative outlet, even as you follow along with the journey I am on and explore with me the new paths ahead.  And while you journey with me, consider this:

Determine your passion!

Blessings –