About the Designer/Author

I’m the wife of  my first and only husband of 40 years, the mother of two amazing sons, and the friend of my two incredible daughter-in-laws. But those four grandchildren, 3 girls and 1 boy, have won this Nana’s heart!

I live and breathe in the mountains of North Carolina….Brevard to be exact. That I can journey less than a minute from my bed to my porch and find breathtaking views on any given day should never be overlooked.  You see,  being outdoors is a passion of mine.

I find the most pleasure in the company of my family.  Sure, I have friends, many of whom I hope will find this space and share the moments of life lived out in this place with me!  But my family brings the laughter into my days and the joy of  living into my soul.  They are individually God’s greatest gifts to me.

I am who I am because of Jesus Christ.

There is no greater joy I have ever known than in knowing Him…and if anything I create brings Him glory, then may He receive the praise He is due.

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