There’s a party going on around here…a celebration!

Oh, if you could have only seen his face as I saw it the first time he held our granddaughter.  I still puddle up happy tears at the thought of it.  And now when asked about her, my husband’s response is, “She’s perfect!”  We agree completely.


So this month I am celebrating my HubE of 32 years AND our first grandchild AND the month of our remarriage after a nine year burp (some would call it divorce)- now 10 years in the past, AND the month of our first son’s marriage (the one who together with his fine bride birthed that beautiful, perfect baby you see pictured here).

So…..LET’S PARTY!!!!!  God has given us SO much to rejoice in!

Burlap & Lace is enjoying settling into it’s new location at Main Street Market Shops, but I admit that I was not prepared for shoppers to be so wary of stepping up into the window to poke around!  Why my sister and I practically knock over people to crawl up into some pretty small window spaces in shops, so the thought never crossed my mind that that would be an issue.

You will hopefully notice the addition of this sign just inside the shop….

IMG_3150Please spread the word to step up into the window and shop!


Because I absolutely LOVE the outdoors, I have chosen to center around a garden party this month.  One of my favorite finds is this vintage metal flower stand, now doubling as a wine server.  Imagine the versatility of this piece!  After the party, simply drop in those pretty flowering plants and adorn your patio all summer long.  Bring it inside in the winter to use in a bathroom to hold towels and toiletry items, or in a bedroom as a nightstand for magazines and favorite books.

IMG_3192 IMG_3681 Another favorite piece is this chicken wire door.  It’s so lightweight, and so versatile.  Watch as it transitions this month from a garden party serving post into a work station for your garden!  As you see it pictured here, the chicken wire affords you the ability to post party notes or clip on photos of family and friends.  Serve up your favorite beverages above, and utilize the space beneath for coolers or crates to hold your drinks.  Use it outdoor on a patio or indoor as a serving piece – or in a hallway as a coat rack.  The two hooks on the sides are great for hats or scarves.  This piece would also be a focal piece for a hallway with the addition of a mirror hung in the middle.  At Christmas, it would be a wonderful place to attach cards from friends and family.

IMG_3667 IMG_3208 IMG_3670

I love spring and the flowers it brings!  Pink and green just happen to be among my favorite colors, so when I found these dishes, I was smitten!  I can so envision a party with these plates!  And if you are a tea lover, then this tea pot will surely make you smile, even without the aroma of the tea!


Who says a tool caddy has to hold tools?!?  Why not let it hold your silverware for your next party, then your plants, and THEN your garden tools?  I truly look for items that have a dozen uses!  The three-legged table is a find all to itself….small enough to fit anywhere and with such vintage flair you can give any room a makeover in a weekend easily!

IMG_3190IMG_3662Look for pitchers that can be used for water, then use them for flowers when you bring them in from the garden.  Use wooden tables on the patio or by the bedside.  Bowls are great for serving, yes, but why not use them for gathering herbs in the garden as well?  Need help with ideas for your next celebration?  Feel free to email me!

I love a celebration!  It’s what life is made of!!!

Blessings –