Pushing through the mess of life

img_5500Order has always been important to me.  So much so that disorder can make my head spin to the point that I literally accomplish nothing.  “Analysis paralysis”, my husband calls it.

Such is the reason for my taking so long to blog.  I reasoned that until everything was set in order and perfect in my surroundings, I had nothing to offer.  Now I am laughing at that ridiculousness.

img_5647This is my starting point now.  Let your eyes feast on this sign, for I hope you see it more and more often in the months ahead.  Vintage Market Days of Asheville is just around the corner.  My excitement mounts, as do the piles of inventory at my feet – even as I am typing.

I rented a storage unit in December, reasoning that our shed space was getting cramped and unable to hold anything else.  I closed the doors on it last week….full to the brim….with still more that needs to go in.  Sigh.  That’s good, right?  So I’m back to housing items in the shed, and in our spare bedroom until March 17.  Again, I am smiling….anticipating my first Vintage Market Days experience and the fun of that weekend event.

img_5653Pieces are being assembled, painted, handcrafted….all with YOU in mind!  But mostly, I am anticipating meeting the other vendors, making new friends, and greeting those that stop by to say hello.

Many have asked where the name Burlap & Lace originated.  Although I love using burlap in my creations, the name is so much more than that.  I invite you to look  back in my blog space to discover the name’s significance.  But I’ll give you a hint….


My sister is the lace behind the name, bringing a touch of elegance to all she is and all she does, and encouraging me to do the same.  I am the burlap, the rough exterior (just look at my paint-stained clothes and sandpaper-rough hands!), but sturdy, and adding my own touch of class to the things I create. I am thrilled that my sis will be joining me at Vintage Market Days, bringing her own love for vintage (and for me) with her.

Anticipate with me….the weekend is only a little more than 6 weeks away.  Until we meet there…