Make way for Fall arrivals!

I can hardly believe summer is coming to an end!  Items are marked to move…come on in to Country Creations  Florist and get in on the fun!


This jam cabinet reduced to $85!  What a bargain!  Use it in a kitchen for dishes and recipe books, or in a bath for towels and toiletry items.  Or how about in the shed for gardening tools, gloves and paints?!?  The possibilities are endless!

photo 3 (66)



Dress forms are both useful as decorative pieces, or for a place to toss a jacket in an entryway.  You can take this dress form home today…it’s decorative enough to stand alone, or dress it up if you prefer!  Look for the 50’s poodle skirt coming this week…just in time for halloween (only $16 for this 2-piece set)!  Dress form reduced to $45!


photo 3 (78)


As the season gives way to winter, I imagine this vintage cradle (standing on end with pillow in front) on a large table at Christmas, full of holly and Christmas balls and lights.  Ummm….or perhaps nestled by a fireplace holding the yule logs would be the better setting.  It would also be a great addition to your daughter’s doll room.  Get it now, reduced to $35.  What a deal!

photo 3 (65)

Every room needs storage, so why not take home this chest and use it by a bed or in a kitchen for a coffee bar!  The uses are limitless, and the price has been reduced to just $60!


photo 4 (47)

Or choose this painted chest instead, in an office, by a bed, or in a laundry room to hold all those old cleaning towels.  Also priced at just  $60!

photo 4 (59)


I have several of these milk cans at my house….they are perfect for holding hiking sticks and umbrellas by the front door, or garden tools in the garden to make gardening so much easier!  Priced at $35, you will want this to end up at your home next!  It also looks lovely with a potted plant nestled inside the hole, and watering is a cinch because when the can gets full of water, simply remove the plant and dump out the water!

photo 3 (49)



With the coming of my first grandchild, I envision this window with black and white photos taped in each spot, or perhaps a finger-painted picture from that special child would mingle nicely with his or her photo?  Can be propped, or hung.  Priced at only $36!

photo 1 (43)



Are you like me….small kitchen and in need of extra work room or serving space when guests arrive?  Why not try this vintage ironing board as your solution?!?  Prop it up to hold the Thanksgiving turkey and dressing and take it down when the serving line dwindles down!  Or set it in a guest room to hold a suitcase, or a laundry room to use as a folding table!  Because is folds, extra space is readily available, and easily removed when not in use.  And it’s VINTAGE!  (and only $25)


photo (11)


Bookshelves are often hard to find, especially wood ones that are well-constructed.  This small shelf is only $35.  Looks great in natural wood, or paint it if you prefer.


photo 3 (76)



And this is only the beginning!  Come in and find that still-working vintage peculator, or a crib bed spring that can be used on the wall as decoration, or hung  outside as a type of garden trellis.  Reduced to sell at just $30!  (The rust is free!)  Or how about a pepsi crate priced at only $24.95?  I have mine hung in a bathroom to hold washcloths!

Come on in before Sept. 1 and find lots of fun for your home, or gifts for friends and neighbors.  It’s never too early to begin Christmas shopping!  New inventory will arrive in September, so let’s move this out and have room for more!   Hope to see you soon, and happy shopping!

~ Connie

Always …my mom…

Dad's b'day

I honestly don’t remember how old I was when she told me she had enrolled in a computer class at the local community college.  I thought she was nuts!  But through the years, my mom has continued to set the bar high and be the role model of perfection….at least perfection in mom standards.  She is the reason I wanted to be a mom in the first place…always loving Dad first and best, and loving us as only a mom really can….unconditionally.

Dad's b'day #2

We still know how to play together….my dad created horseshoe pits in the back yard and she immediately initiated them by daring me to a game!  I think she even beat me!

M and Mom  cheek kiss

And she will forever be my mom….how I thank God for her!  So this one’s for you, Mom.  Thank you for making me want to love God, love my husband, and love my children….as only a mom can.

 I love you!

~Connie Lee


Industrial vintage…is there such a thing?!?

Thoughts of my youngest son (young at age 23!) came to mind as I set up my “new” booth for the month of August….”Industrial Vintage” was the name I chose to give it.  With a mixture of metal, glass and wood, I thought the name was justly deserved.  But my son being the architect that he is…well, would he agree on the term?!?   I think I’ll let my readers decide!

photo 1 (65)


The creaky old ironing board was fitting…and somewhat reminiscent of my great grandma’s days.  And the washtub held significance all it’s own….from days of my Nanny soaking everything from clothes to garden veggies in it.

While the vintage school desk was unlike anything I remembered (and it should be noted that even I am vintage at this point in time!), it sparked a smile upon sight and I knew I should include it!  The vintage books add the charm of my own 4th grade days spent pouring over books …


photo 1 (64)


And who doesn’t remember watering vegetables in the garden with a grandparent?!?  I sure do!


photo 2 (67)As the ideas began to flow and the items began to pile up, my thoughts went to the days of my own youth when Mom would have homemade cookies awaiting us after school… I’m sure she spent the greater part of her days in the kitchen just awaiting our arrival, and she was always there with a smile and a reassuring hug when the day didn’t go so well… “We’ll figure it out”….I never felt alone growing up!photo 1 (69)So whatever your tastes are today, journey back in time with me to see what I think was a bit of “industrial vintage” just waiting for its place in time!   I am sure the burlap and lace added then what I believe they add today…a touch of romanticism to an otherwise industrialized world of  work.  Enjoy the journey with me!

~ Connie

photo 3 (65)