Deck the halls…

IMG_9231Christmas is a favorite time of year for me…..the smells of pine, fir and balsam as we tromp through the fields in search of the perfect tree… digging out the stockings to hang by the chimney (or from the banister)….searching for the perfect gifts to give….all of these things help to make the season one of remembrance for me.

Last week was a highlight at Burlap & Lace as I literally decked out the entire house (minus one room for my Fall Sale) in Christmas attire!  New items will be added throughout the rest of this month and next, so don’t assume you have “seen it all” from one week to the next!

Vintage, of course, is in play in nearly every room.  From the whimsical Santa to the elegant choirboy of the 60’s, and not forgetting the reindeer from the 50’s that light their way through the darkest night – you will find plenty to make you smile and to bring a memory or two.

Lynn has been painting for me again and I love showcasing all she has done!

IMG_9239As you think of decorating your own spaces this holiday, think of ways you can add whimsy alongside practicality….for instance, take in this green door that came straight from a local camp!  It’s the perfect addition to a bedroom to allow guests to hang their towels on.  And when not in use for your guests, throw a garland over the top and add a stocking for wreath to add decor and fancy to your room!  Even the vintage hamper is a great addition, allowing your guests to feel at home in your home this holiday!  Why should they have to stuff their dirty clothes back into their suitcase before their trip is over?

Need a hostess gift for the office party?  Why not choose from the items in the kitchen?  Lots of stemware, serving dishes and pitchers to choose from….

Need a different suggestion?  Why not choose one of these festive wine bottle holders?  No wrapping necessary!  Or pick a stocking and fill it with a variety of small items.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful surprise for any host or hostess?!?

IMG_9230Holiday pillows add a touch of class to any location….from a bed to a chair to a shelf!

Pick a dress form and set it in any room for added fun!  This one is ready to serve you!  (By the way, there are numerous holiday aprons to choose from as well….fun to wear OR to decorate with!).

I would be amiss after all this “show” not to reveal to you the real reason I celebrate this season.  Jesus Christ…..who was “in the beginning” and came to earth in the form of man…with one mission…. to purchase my life back from the death sentence I had because of my own foolish ways.  Because of His death, he paid the ransom for not only me, but you as well!  And because of my faith in Him, I can claim eternity with Him as He reigns as King of kings and Lord of lords over all creation!  To Him be the glory….forever!



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