It’s no surprise that I’m not surprised –

I think I’ve finally found the quote for my tombstone.

One friend told me (with a few explitives added), “Connie! You’re like a dog trying to lay down!!! ” What she meant was, “Connie, you change your mind and go round and round in circles without stopping to settle long enough to know if the place in front of you is the right place to lay down!”

It’s been true of me most of my life. I second guess my decisions, unsure if I am making the right decision at the right time. All because I don’t do the first thing first. Pray. Listen. Know myself. Know my passions. My God-given passions. And be okay with who I am. Because the world will adjust.

I used this stencil above the mantle in a space I had once. I outlined the words with tree branches and daisies. I loved it all. Nothing of it was for sale except the mantle, which I just parted with last week after years of hauling it around from space to space. Why? I liked it! No other reason was necessary. It made me happy.

These grandchildren are now my greatest passion. I literally thrill at time with them. Each of the four are uniquely designed and each of them has gifts and a calling from God for their lives. Ephesians 2:10- For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. My desire is to help these precious children be all that God has designed them to be by being all that God has called ME to be.

And so it’s no surprise that I’m not surprised… at my decision to keep my very small space open at Marketplace on Locust a bit longer than I anticipated.

I am a designer at heart.

A lover of people first and design second. Which is why being “me” means taking time with my grandkids, loving them and creating with them, and it also means spending time creating and designing home decor for Burlap & Lace.

With this decision comes the opportunity for me to bring in more upholstery pieces- items that are unique, one of a kind and detailed to suit the cottage and farmhouse appeal that has become my style. And at the end of the day? I’m gonna be the me that God uniquely created. And as the world adjusts to me being me, I know I can never have too much happy.

Thank you Ilse Tolles- you know all the reasons.



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